move of the week: sun salutation

This week’s Move of the Week comes all the way from Costa Rica: the sun salutation! This flowing series of postures is the essential building block to a yoga practice (Vinyasa style). While […]

ask stylebook: retreat with mind the mat?

Megan, Mind the Mat: Why did you decide to use your vacation time for a Mind the Mat Pilates & yoga retreat in Costa Rica? Theresa Backhus: I wanted to get back into […]

move of the week: glutes for spring

Try this workout to get your body spring ready. These moves are designed to work your core and to tone and actually “lift” your derrière! Safe and effective, these moves can be done […]

mind the mat’s february challenge

The February Challenge at Mind the Mat Pilates & Yoga brings lightness and fun to what can sometimes be a dark and dreary season. Spring break is just around the corner so get […]

belly after baby

I can remember that impatient feeling of wanting to fit into my favorite jeans after having two babies. In my haste, I tossed my maternity pants in the give-away pile way too early, […]

move of the week: twists

We all know that yoga and Pilates have their healing benefits. But did you know that twists, in particular, can assist in cleansing and detoxifying the body? In addition to aiding in digestion, […]

ask stylebook: lower back pain?

Heather: Over the past month my back has been bothering me. What exercises should I do to help with my low back pain? Megan Brown PT, DPT, Mind the Mat: Ahh, the holidays. […]

move of the week: sciatic nerve gliding

If you have suffered from low back pain or have had shooting pains down your leg, you may have experienced what is commonly know as sciatica. These sciatic nerve symptoms can occur at […]

the difference between pilates and yoga

Pilates & Yoga are both therapeutic forms of exercise. At Mind the Mat we use the word therapeutic to describe forms of movement that are intentionally designed for safety and to achieve a […]

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