3 Tips for a Bloat-Free Spring Break

Bloating is one of the most common symptoms that too many people struggle with on a daily basis. With spring around the corner and the warmer weather, it can be a drag to […]

Always Tired? Take these Four Steps To Rebalance Your Hormones

One thing I hear from women often is that they feel like their hormones are “off.” Despite eating well and exercising, nothing seems to make them feel better. Does this sound like you?  […]

Meet Your New Favorite Superfood: Hot Chocolate! 

There’s nothing like a warm, sweet beverage on a chilly, winter afternoon or evening. One childhood favorite that comes to mind for me is hot chocolate. Growing up, my mom always used the instant packs, which, although […]

Want To Be Healthier (and Lose Weight) in 2017? Try these Three, Easy Food Swaps

At the beginning of a New Year, dieting to lose weight is intimidating yet it is still a goal many, many people set. Instead, imagine eating foods you actually enjoy, foods that are […]

8 Steps To Stay Healthy + Stress Free this Holiday Season

When you think about the holidays, what stresses you out the most? As if travel, shopping, family dramas, parties and events weren’t enough, concern about weight gain, bloating, hangovers, and/or a lack of […]

A DIY Guide: How Not To Let the Holidays Derail Your Health

  What feelings do the holidays raise for you? Many say they love this time of year. But at the same time, those same people also feel a lot of stress with the […]

Why You Have Cellulite + 7 Things You Can Do About It

Fun fact: cellulite only affects women. We just can’t catch a break, can we? But despite popular belief, it’s not actually a result of being overweight or having excess fat. Have you noticed […]

seven ways to thrive throughout the holidays

Enjoy the best parts of the holiday season without compromising your goals. With a few strategies, mindset shifts, and creative recipes, you can stress less and still have a healthy start to your […]

recipe of the week: pumpkin pie

Just when you thought you had to eat squeaky clean for Thanksgiving holiday, we give you a yummy pumpkin pie recipe. Well, guess what? This IS squeaky clean. You can eat healthy and […]

garlic bacon brussels sprouts

Brussels sprouts seem to get a bad rap. Maybe you were forced to eat them as a kid or have only tried them heated up in the microwave. If you haven’t cooked them […]

the difference between going on a diet and having a diet

All you chronic dieters out there. Listen up. You’re on one, off one, or searching for the next one. The phrase “going on a diet” is synonymous with misery, deprivation, and weight loss. […]

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