Seafood Specials

Three weeks ago I went with Andy and his family on their annual beach vacation. The change in the current climate meant no restaurants or activities beyond hanging on the beach and dining at […]

Answering All of Your Food (and other) Questions…

What salt should I buy? I use Diamond Krystal Kosher Salt in all of my cooking. Some people use gray salt, pink salt, etc. When cooking, what is of greater importance is that […]

Why I Don’t Go Out to Eat 

A few weeks ago I attended my very first socially distanced gathering of more than two people. Ten women together, outside, at a distance in celebration of a friend’s birthday. I realized just […]

Stop Putting Produce in the Fridge!

During lockdown my boyfriend and I decided we would cohabitate and support one another after a paltry year dating. We negotiated who would manage dishes and laundry, how we would spend time together […]

Thick Thighs Save Lives

I know, I know, I know. You think you don’t like chicken thighs; there are bones to contend with, and different cooking times, and concerns over getting the skin to be crispy rather […]

Happy Birthday Stomping Ground

This week has been a bit crazy (which seems to be the new normal) so I’m making this one short and sweet. Thank you to everyone – staff, customers, farmers, friends, and family […]

Biscuits & Pizza. A Love Story. 

Restaurant work is uniquely demanding. When you work in restaurants your personal relationships always suffer. You are late to or cannot make weddings, birthdays, brunches, or any other occasion important to you or the […]

A Day in the Life of an “Essential” Small Business During COVID-19

I am grateful. So incredibly grateful. In the midst of a crisis, the powers that be decided that restaurants are essential to help feed communities during lockdown. Being essential means that I have […]

Dinner To Go at Stomping Ground

I could write an article, and I probably will, about what the last ten days has looked like for Stomping Ground, Bagel Uprising, the staff that work there and me. Unfortunately, I simply […]

Cast Iron Skillet: The Little Black Dress of your Kitchen

Classic, long-lasting, versatile, affordable, accessible, inheritable. Every woman has or should have one. A little black dress? Nope. I’m talking about a cast iron skillet. A great fitting little black dress can be dressed […]

Spring Wine Dinner Inspired by Italy

I just recently returned from eight incredible days in Sicily and Rome. For those of you who know me well, you know that I have a deep and unwavering respect for simple food. […]

Tacos at Stomping Ground. 2 Nights Only. 

I love tacos. Like, really love them. All tacos. I love little fancy blue corn tortillas filled with braised meats and dotted with creama. I love simple street tacos with slow cooked pork, sharp […]

Valentine’s Dinner at Stomping Ground

Alright y’all. It’s that time of year…Cupid is upon us. If you read my “Love Letter to My Girlfriends” a few years back, you’ll remember that it is not exactly my favorite holiday. Nevertheless, many […]

How to Make a Basic Vinaigrette 

When I sit down to write these Stylebook posts, I often reach out to friends to ask what tips they want. Elizabeth says again and again, “that dressing.” What she is referring to […]

We’re More Than Just Biscuits

Many people often call us the “biscuit joint.” I adore this moniker but as we are wrapping up 2019 and looking into 2020, I realize more than ever that we are so much […]

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