Thanksgiving Take and Bake is Back

Last year for this publication, I waxed poetic about food memories and the holidays. This year, I will spare you the squishy and instead remind you that at Thanksgiving, the Stomping Ground kitchen […]

The Three Cookbooks I’m Reading

Six Seasons: I promise this is a cookbook you will actually cook from. It has become my canon when I have a pile of vegetables and little inspiration, both at Stomping Ground and […]
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Let’s Drink!

For the fourth September in a row our home state is celebrating Virginia Distillers month. “It’s 5 o’ clock for 30 days,” or, if you are at Stomping Ground, it’s 5 o’clock somewhere […]

How To Use Up All The Items In Your Fridge

This summer I bet you purchased enough bagged salad that you promptly threw away three days later after it started to look sad, water logged and wilted. Don’t feel too bad, one third […]

How To Decode A Restaurant Menu

Did you read Kitchen Confidential? I remember when everyone I knew was all aflutter because Anthony Bourdain cautioned readers not to eat the fish special on the Sunday brunch menu as it was […]

Coming Soon: “…like a dinner party for your most intimate friends.”

When you have a breakfast restaurant, many of the “norms” of restaurant culture and business practices don’t necessarily apply. For example, we don’t have a large, separate bar to hang out at and […]

Ugh, Why Do Y’all Always Want to Cook Salmon?!

I recently did an open call on Instagram (@modestbread) to answer questions for basic and easy cooking techniques. I received a startlingly amount of questions about cooking salmon. At first, I made the […]

10 Steps to a Delicious, Nutritionally Dense (That Means Healthy) Summer Salad

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen on Stories the other day Dr. Megan of Mind the Mat and I talking while we ate lunch, a delicious summer salad, about […]

My Rules for Perfectly Roasted Veggies

For a biscuit joint, we offer and cook a lot of vegetables. Our Veggie Hash is frequently a bestseller. We mix local, seasonal, and often organic vegetables with farro that’s been cooked in […]
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Thanks, Y’all

I sat down and started writing out a sappy love story to you. Telling you how much you taught me over the last four years. A tale of highs and lows. I realized […]
Japan Garden

“It took traveling to the other side of the world to be reminded of this…”

I’m a person who likes to eat. Even more, I am a person that likes to converse, often at length, about eating. Working around food, I talk to so many people every day […]

Street Style: Raquel Burbano

I absolutely adore Raquel. She has been on the Stomping Ground team for less than one year and I find it difficult to remember how we ever managed without her. Raquel possess two […]

Thank You

Last year around this time I did not feel like being grateful. Even worse, I felt an overwhelming sense of guilt, as I had plenty to be thankful for. Still, I had just […]

Food Memories: Thanksgiving Sides & Pies

In my opinion Food Memories (I’m making that a proper noun) are some of the most powerful. In particular their effect is greatest around the holidays, because holidays are typically emotional. I can […]

What I’m Eating Now: Vegetables of Late Summer

It’s New York Fashion Week. As I was watching the ritual of fashion designers announcing their seasonal inspiration, I was reminded of the natural seasons of the kitchen. For those of you who […]

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