My Favorite Pantry Gifts

It’s definitely the holiday season. The Del Ray Christmas tree is lit, the Scottish Walk has passed. Winter coats are on. And Stomping Ground guests are asking lots of questions about gifts, particularly […]

Debunking Wine Myths Dinner

I like to be unique. Authentic. An individual. But sometimes, you have to just borrow a damn good idea. Megan Brown left a snippet of a New York Times article on my desk […]

Pre-Turkey Party!

Tomorrow is all about family, but today is for celebrating friendships. Join us to hang out, snack, and relax before the big day as we host our own version of Friendsgiving. Pick up […]

The Etiquette Advantage of Thanksgiving Dinner: A Modern Interpretation of Emily Post

Accepting an invitation to Thanksgiving dinner, whether for the first time or the fiftieth, is entering into a sacred agreement between host and guest. Preparing the most celebrated meal of the year is […]

How To Host a *Fun* Holiday Party (Hint: Plan Now)

‘Tis the season for holiday parties! Are you excited?! Some of you are. Many of you are lukewarm. Some of you even dread it. But throwing a memorable holiday party – whether it […]

What To Cook Right Now: Boktoberfest

I’ve heard from several readers that you are interested in recipe tips, ideas for dishes, and instructions on how to best use new and interesting ingredients. Ask and you shall receive! For my […]
Positive Feelings and Gratitude

With Positive Feelings and Gratitude…Hold the Explanations

“I’ll take the biscuits and gravy and a latte please. I haven’t eaten until just now.” “Can I have one of those fried chicken biscuits? Although, sadly, I’ll have to go back to […]
Stomp At Home

Sunday Supper, Your Place: Introducing Stomp At Home

Most people buy and read cookbooks for the recipes. My favorite part of a cookbook is the writing. Chefs tuck little gems of wit in there that you will definitely miss if you […]
The Beauty of the Biscuit

The Beauty of the Biscuit

That great quote is often attributed to da Vinci. Although it cannot be historically corroborated that he said this exact phrase, I continually find it to be true. The crisp white button down. […]

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