The Brands Helping Us Combat Single-Use Plastic!

I know we typically keep it pretty light on Stylebook, but I want to talk about something that is really important to me – avoiding single-use plastic! Recycling is something engrained into every […]

Hats! The Accessory I Deem A Necessity.

As our (acknowledged or not) seasonal depression will tell us, we all love the sun. We all feel better the second that first warm day hits; our mood and outlook on life all […]

Hart Trunk Show – A Personal Touch

We have been carrying Hart Hagerty jewelry for years. In fact, you may have read our past posts about why we love her jewelry, and more importantly, are obsessed with her. For the […]

The Denim Jacket – Every Closet’s Staple

At the Hive, we appreciate a good jean jacket and consider it to be an absolute staple in everyone’s closet. It adds an extra pop to an outfit, provides obvious warmth, and typically […]

Dreaming of that Perfect Vacation

You may have noticed that here at The Hive and The Shoe Hive, we are real movers and shakers. Our managers, in particular, take every opportunity they can to jet set while keeping […]

Dressing for Spring: The Floral Trend We are all Craving!

Spring has always been a time of rebirth and awakening. As we come out of this miserable winter, I can’t help but gravitate to joy wherever I can find it. I know you […]

The Billion Dollar Pant

You would think by the title of this I’m simply hooking you in. While I definitely want you to keep reading, that is literally the name of the pant. Turns out they live […]

Walkable Warehouse Sale at The Hive and The Shoe Hive!

We look forward all year to the Warehouse Sale. It’s our most asked after event! How can you top all the best local boutiques, all in one place, with the best deals possible? […]

The Perfect Sweater

I haven’t had the most quintessential COVID-19 experience. Sure I have missed out on travel, haven’t been able to see friends, missed weddings, and haven’t hugged my grandfather in almost a year. It’s […]

Hilton Hollis Pop-Up at The Hive

Betsy Fisher opened her downtown women’s clothing boutique in 1998 and paved the way for independent retailers in the DMV. For more than 30 years, she taught us all the art of dressing […]

Krewe Trunk Show: Giving Us Life This Fall + 20% Off

As summer is still with us and fall is on the horizon, we are thrilled to announce that we will be having a Krewe Sunglasses trunk show, September 1st through the 7th. This […]

Sidewalk Sale 2020: You Don’t Want to Miss It!

The Sidewalk Sale is our second biggest sale of the year, and there are reasons people brave the heat to shop it. First, the deals are out of control, not just at our […]

Treat Yourself! ‘Cause You Deserve It!

This year has been an absolute doozy and to put it simply it’s time to Treat Yourself! We know you have had plans cancelled, weddings rescheduled, socializing as we know it completely upended, […]

A Time to Gather Around the Table

With all the massive trips to the grocery stores and far less access to our favorite restaurants I’m finding a lot of the people in my life are turning to food, not just […]

Why I Keep Bees

Here’s something I bet you didn’t know. I, Penelope Norton, am a beekeeper! And not just in the sense that I “work at The Hive” – I keep actually honeybees. As a child, […]

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