My New Year’s Resolution: The Yelp Challenge

I’m a business owner through and through, and as a result, I have really mixed feelings about online review platforms like Yelp. I don’t spend a ton of energy focused on them, and […]

Our Favorite Holiday Gifts and Creations

Well, it’s safe to say that November 2020 was the fastest month on record. We blinked, roasted a turkey, and somehow landed squarely in the holiday crazy. This time of year is our […]

Stunning Arrangements for Your Thanksgiving Table

Leaves are crunching and the air is a little cooler – which means Thanksgiving is right around the corner. This holiday, more than any other, is our favorite. The rich tones and the […]

Helen Olivia Curated Gift Box

Confession: I’ve always been a last-minute gift buyer. As in – I am flying in and out of a store on my way to a birthday dinner in a complete panic. In the […]

Front Porch Refresh

If you’re anything like me, your front porch is looking a little tired and haggard after a long and hot summer. It’s time to empty out those old planters and refresh with some […]

Celebrating in a Pandemic   

I am not, and have never been, someone who loves their birthday and goes all out. That said, this year’s birthday was flat out depressing. There’s nothing like a milestone to shine a […]

Helen Olivia Fall Workshops

Somehow, we blinked, and already have 27 virtual workshops under our belt. With fall just around the corner, we’re thrilled to release our next batch of at-home floral workshops. If you’re new to […]

Love in a Pandemic

Right around March 13th (which coincidently was Friday the 13th), our entire 2020 wedding calendar imploded. I’m an old-fashioned day planner gal, and page after page was filled with red X marks denoting […]

Summer Wreaths

Summer has finally arrived! I don’t think we’ve ever been more excited to close the door (lock it, and deadbolt it too) on a season – goodbye spring 2020. In celebration of a […]

Beautiful Flowers are in Order

If there ever were a year to celebrate Mom, this is the one. The world’s hardest job has become exponentially harder in the covid era – with so many wearing the added hats […]

It’s Administrative Professionals Week!

If you’re anything like us, your work situation looks a little different today than it did a month or two ago. So many of us have traded our offices for the dining room […]

Helen Olivia’s Online Floral Workshops

Well, this is not the article I was planning on writing for April. In early March, COVID-19 came barreling into our business and left a wake of destruction in its path. In the […]

Calling all Flower Lovers and Philanthropists!

If you’ve ever stopped by our studio on a Monday morning, you’ve no doubt been greeted by towering carts of arrangements coming back in from weekend weddings and events. It’s the part of […]

Say Happy Valentine’s Day with Helen Olivia

Valentine’s (and Galentine’s!) Day is just around the corner, and we’re counting down some of our favorite floral gifts to celebrate.   Killer Flowers No surprises here – the number one way to […]

Winter Wonderland Wedding

When asked what the most popular wedding months are most of us immediately think of May and June (peony season, am I right?!?) or autumn months right when the leaves turn. For me, […]

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