The Gift of Health, the Gift of an Experience: Mind the Mat’s Holiday Gift Guide

When thinking of giving gifts to my loved ones, what immediately comes to mind is that they have everything they need and most of what they want. Yet two things we can never […]

Behind the Pose: How the Sun Salutation Is a Foundation for All Movement

The Sun Salutation, or Surya Namaskar in Sanskrit, is the basic building block of Vinyasa, otherwise known as Flow Yoga, the style of yoga that we practice at Mind the Mat and that is practiced by millions […]

Lighten Your Life with Mind the Mat’s New Seasonal Offerings!

Joining the fun at the Halloween parade in Del Ray this past weekend reminded me of how important it is, during this season, when the days grow shorter and the nights longer, to […]
Natural Beauty Secrets

My 5 Natural Beauty Secrets

Beautification is a daily ritual for me. Religiously, I set aside time every day to take care of my hair, skin, teeth, and body. It’s the way I relax, center, and practice self-care. […]
Can't Stop the Feelin

You Can’t Stop the Feelin’ on Saturday Mornings at Mind the Mat

On my way to teach Saturday 8:30am Prenatal Yoga at Mind the Mat… Me, passing out Mind the Mat onesies to the pregnant mamas after class …the words of Justin Timberlake’s song “Can’t Stop The […]
Transform Lives...Starting with Your Own

Transform Lives…Starting with Your Own

The practice and study of yoga are rooted in the knowledge that we are multi-dimensional and holistic beings. We can’t separate out our mind from our body or our body from our spirit.  […]

4-Week Summer Yoga Teacher Training Immersion Training

Summer 2017 is your chance to get certified as a yoga teacher in just four weeks at Mind the Mat. Our training emphasizes three areas: Experiential Learning   Putting knowledge into practice and […]

Rejuvenation! Join Mind the Mat’s Winter Yoga Retreat, Cartagena & Caribbean Coast of Colombia, Feb. 18-24, 2017

Yoga is one way to connect with others and to our highest self. We all feel stuck or blocked sometimes, and in those moments it can feel like we are the only one […]

21 Days in Cartagena & Sierra Nevada of Colombia: Mind the Mat’s Yoga Teacher Training Immersion

This winter Mind the Mat presents a 21-Day Yoga Teacher Training Immersion in Colombia, South America. On the first and last night of the training, we’ll stay in Cartagena, where the airport is, at a beautiful […]

Mind the Mat’s Je Ne Sais Quoi

A few weeks back, my business partner Megan Brown wrote a post on the community at Mind the Mat and the feeling you get when you walk through the doors here.  She called […]

Well Ray Festival 2016! — Free Classes for Everyone!

Join us for a celebration of health and wellness in Alexandria!  At Well Ray 2016, an annual festival presented by Mind the Mat Pilates & Yoga and sponsored by MOMs Organic Market, we’re […]

I Want To Birth Without Medical Intervention.  Can I?

Each month I assist a birth. As a birth assistant I provide emotional support to my clients throughout their labors and help to manage discomfort through breath techniques, labor postures, and massage.  Some […]

Why Community Service is good for Your Health (and a Call to Action for Alexandria)

There is this idea in the tradition of yoga called karma yoga. Karma yoga is selfless service, without expectation of outcome or even acknowledgment.  Yoga means union and the experience of samadhi (bliss) that […]

cartagena, colombia: an extravaganza of architectural beauty, fashion, music + gourmet food

Imagine this: you are sitting in a restaurant in the open air courtyard of a 16th century colonial mansion.  It’s evening, 75 degrees Fahrenheit and not a bug in sight.  Ornate columns and bouquets […]

a message to stylebook readers from a colombian indigenous tribesman

The pool of water cupped between white boulders is bright green, not from moss, but because it is filled with minerals and so clean that we, instructors and students on the Mind the […]

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