Leather Jacket Style

4 Questions To Find Your Leather Jacket Style

In my opinion, when it comes to leather jackets, you can never have too many! Black, gray, leather, suede, I want them all. They are an investment, so finding the one that will be […]
5 Fall Must Haves

5 Fall Must-Haves, 1 Can’t-Miss Event

With fall weather teasing us what seems like every other day, it’s important to prioritize what you’ll need to refresh your fall wardrobe. Planning ahead will help you optimize your fall budget to […]
A Day in the Life of a Photoshoot

A Day in the Life of a Photoshoot

I’m hiding in a corner with air conditioning, trying to find a reprieve from the heat. My dark, tight jeans are glued to my legs from sweat. This is the life of a […]

Emerging Designer: Malene Oddershede Bach

Many of you have started to discover our new favorite dress line, pH15. When I was at their showroom in New York, I spotted Malene Oddershede Bach’s designs on the rack the moment […]
Alice and Olivia + The Beatles

Coming Soon! Alice and Olivia + The Beatles, a Limited Edition Collection

Some of you may remember the Basquiat collaboration that Alice and Olivia did last Holiday season — the full ball-gown skirt (so amazing, just ask Sarah Marcella!) and super fun shift dress. This […]
Designer Spotlight Laura Siegel

Designer Spotlight: Laura Siegel

I brushed up against the silks as we were combing through the aisles of a large collection of independent designers at market. The luxurious feel grabbed me instantly. I turned around to be […]

Fall 17 Preview

Stepping outside on summer mornings in NOVA make me question why we live here. Transplanted from New England going on six years now — how did THAT happen?! — it just doesn’t get […]

TSALT Staff’s Sale Faves

We love having such a wide range of body types and ages work at TSALT. It makes us savvier stylists, more understanding, and better able to help a wider range of people find […]

7 Looks That Demystify the Wide Leg Pant

Once again, we meet a trend that may feel a bit “too soon?” Enter the WIDE LEG PANT! OK, first things first, let’s set the record straight…We are not referring to them as […]

The Modern/Wearable Take on Boho

————- Definition of Bohemian 1a :  a native or inhabitant of Bohemia. b :  the group of Czech dialects used in Bohemia Often not capitalized a :  vagabond, wanderer; especially :  gypsy. b :  a […]

Great Things Come in Pairs…

Tamara and I were recently in NYC shopping for accessories for the store. I asked her what was on her list to be seen and she replied, “There is only one, Alkemie.” We […]

Cold Shoulder + Off-the-Shoulder Tops We Love (Plus Covered-Shoulder Looks Still Totally On-Trend)

It’s here to stay…at least for another year!  Autumn/Winter 17 Collections are showing the cold shoulder and off-the-shoulder everywhere, covering all styles from tops, dresses, and sweaters. While buying, we keep *you* in […]

Why I Will Never Say Never

Often trends resurface; we all know this. But sometimes they are attached to particular memories and a time you’d rather not relive. I have seen this happen with clients and while I’ve studied […]

sizing gone wrong

Working in retail, you quickly pick up on the different ways that women shop. Whether they want to “play” or spend their time more efficiently. Whether they want advice or prefer to be […]

what to wear: black and white

There is nothing more classic than black and white. Nothing. So, while wearing black and white is always a “do,” we are especially encouraging it this season. There is something reassuring about this […]

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