5 Tips for an Awesome 1st Day of School Pic

There’s nothing like the first day of school. It’s a new adventure and a new milestone and being the rockstar parent that you are, you want to make sure you capture the moment! Here are my must-have tips to snap a pic worth admiring for years to come!


1. Pick the right outfit. 

Of course the key for any great picture, and a great day, is the right outfit. You want you kids to look and feel great heading into their new classroom. I always love something bright and bold for the first day. My boys golfed a lot this summer, so we played into that for their first day look. I always make sure they are equipped with new socks and new or gently used shoes from my shop, which of course helps to make sure I’m not breaking the bank!


2. Let your kids get involved…within reason! 

Chances are if your kid really likes their outfit, they’re going to give you a good picture, so let them get involved! I believe in some boundaries to make sure the outfit is school appropriate like no athletic wear, and of course stain free items, but you can let your little one pick items you approve in their favorite color, style, fit etc.  And if you’re shopping becomes a power struggle (believe me I have a 4th grader, get it) just come to 529 Kids Consign and someone from our team can help be neutral* third party. (*Don’t worry parents, we gotcha!)


3. Get them started off right!

Help your student ease into the day with a great morning. Whether it’s a pancake breakfast or their favorite cereal, set the mood with a great, nutritious meal so they’re full of energy (and keep smiling through your photo shoot)!


4. Make a sign, or get digital! 

The signature element of the first day of school picture is the sign, of course. Whether you make it a family arts & crafts project the weekend before, grab a chalkboard or print out something online. For those wanting to go the print-out route, we love these fun options from I Heart Naptime and Botanical Paper Works.


5. Or skip the sign!

As much as I’d love to have my kids pose with signs, the fact of the matter is after doing these photos for years they’re over it.  If there’s one thing I’ve learned as a mom, it’s when to pick your battles. I’d rather have a great picture with happy kids than a battle over the sign. So I just use an app like Snapsprout and play around with the pics later.


Bonus tip! 

After you’ve snapped that great picture and sent your student on their way, it’s time to celebrate. Every year a group of us moms toast to the new year (and making it through another summer) with a little “us” time. And, of course, we capture that with a picture too. Thanks for having us Hotel Indigo!


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