5 Quick + Healthy Back-to-School Breakfasts

5 Quick + Healthy Back-to-School Breakfasts Tips

School is back in session, which means the return of your rushed morning routine, so I’m going to talk about Healthy Back-to-School Breakfasts Tips, why it’s so important, and share some tips and recipes to make breakfast work for your crazy mornings.

5 Quick + Healthy Back-to-School Breakfasts Tips

Let’s take a look at where we go wrong when it comes to breakfast. If you’re following the SAD (Standard American Diet) and actually are eating breakfast, you’re likely eating a lot of carbs or sugar in the form of cereal, toast, waffles, bagels, muffins, fruit, yogurt, low-fat milk, granola, and juices. The problem with a SAD breakfast is that it leads to a sugar spike followed by a sugar crash, which means a decrease in focus and energy and an increase in moodiness and behavior issues with your children (and you).


So what makes a better breakfast? Here are three tips:

Protein, fat, and fiber. These help sustain blood sugar levels so there is no crash for your kids (or you!) before lunchtime rolls around. Protein examples include eggs, good quality bacon, ham, or sausage (I like Wellshire and Applegate), ground turkey, smoked salmon, or collagen. Fat can include coconut oil, butter, ghee, avocados, nuts/seeds and nut/seed butters, or full-fat grass-fed dairy. For fiber, turn to plants (fruits and vegetables). You can also use properly prepared sprouted grains, oatmeal, chia seeds, and flaxseeds. A simple egg scramble with a favorite vegetable and an avocado is awesome for all.

Prep ahead and plan your breakfasts for the week. Determine your three “go-to” breakfasts and plan for the week. Wake up 15 minutes earlier to warm up your breakfast. Then sit down for chaos-free morning and enjoy.

Teach your kids the connection between food and how they feel. Tell them you’re going to start trying new breakfasts together this week. Emphasize that eating more protein will fuel their body and more fat will fuel their brain so they can focus in school and feel energized the whole day. Ask them to pay attention to how they feel when they eat cereal or a quick muffin versus when they eat some eggs or chia pudding.

Bottom line: skip the bagel or cereal and opt for an omelet instead. Or, if you are going for a carb, make sure you pair it with a ton of healthy fats – for example, toast with ghee, a banana with almond butter, or oats with a boiled egg.

Here are 5 easy recipe ideas you can prep ahead.

5 Quick + Healthy Back-to-School Breakfasts Tips

Smoothie. But this isn’t all fruit, juice, and yogurt. Instead, combine is protein from a quality powder or collagen, fat from nuts, seeds, coconut butter, avocado, a small banana or cup of fruit with almond milk and ice.

Chia pudding. Packed with protein, omega-3s, calcium, and protein and you can make in less than five minutes. Store in single serving jars and pull from the fridge for those mornings when you don’t have a lot of time.

5 Quick + Healthy Back-to-School Breakfasts Tips

Egg dish with veggies. This can be an omelet, scrambled, casserole, or “muffin” form. Make ahead, divide into ready-to-go portions, and freeze to use anytime during the week. You can serve this with good quality bacon or add ground turkey into the mix for extra protein.

Protein pancakes. Blend together coconut flour, a mashed banana, almond or coconut flour, and an egg along with collagen or gelatin powder for protein. Cook in coconut oil and serve with a good scoop of almond butter, fruit, and grade B maple syrup.

Homemade granola. This is loaded with nuts and seeds for healthy fats. Pair this with full-fat yogurt or coconut milk and a boiled egg for added protein.

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