beat the bad hair day

Everyone has a (hair) story. Mine may be very similar to yours. Wife, mom of three, business owner, impossible daily to-do list! After getting breakfast ready, tying shoes, filling backpacks, making sure teeth are brushed, attitudes are adjusted, and cold weather gear is all in place, there is little time to have a cup of coffee much less time to do my hair. But my job requires me to look good, especially my hair, since I am a hair stylist.

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The good news for you and me is that there is a solution. It is not a one-size fits all solution. It is a customized solution made to fit your lifestyle, your hair type, and your personal preference. Whether you’re a curly girl who wants to embrace the ringlets, you are ready for a dramatic pixie cut, or want something in between, Salon 46 will match you with a stylist who can help meet your needs.

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In order to have fewer bad hair days and more good ones, it is most important to have a great cut and color that you can manage. The right style for you will have your friends asking where you get your hair done!

Here are a few tips for turning a bad hair day into a good one!


Go Big! Take your hair from flat to full by using Bumble & bumble Dryspun Finish. Just spray it on dry hair at the roots and give it a little oomph with your hands. This will give you the added volume you want.

dont blow it

Don’t Blow it! In fact that’s the name of a Bumble product we love. Simply towel dry hair, add in a little product, and let the air do the rest. Avoid the heat and the hassle!

pret a powder

Extend the look. We have a product that will make you look great on day 2 and day 3! Bumble & bumble Pret-a-powder works better than dry shampoo as it gives volume and absorbs excessive oils.

At Salon 46, we use the best products available and provide you with expert guidance on how to maintain your hair. We would love to help!

Book by February 15th and get 25% off any hair service (including Brazilian blowouts!!) with Courtney, Tisha, or Ludy. Call 703.518.5035 or visit our website today.

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