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And we have the experts to make sure you feel that way. From skincare to haircare, from makeup to makeovers, our amazing aestheticians and local boutique owners know the latest and greatest products and advanced techniques to let your beauty shine through.


does makeup really go bad?

Reader: Does make-up really go bad? Or is that just a marketing thing to get you to buy new make-up? Angela: Yes, unfortunately, it is true. Make-up does expire. The expiration date starts […]

the sniff test

by Susan, Zoe Boutique The sense of smell is our most primitive sense. Located in the same part of our brain that effects emotions, memory and creativity, it is no wonder that we […]

how often is too often?

Reader: How often should you really wash your hair? There are so many opinions out there. Angela: It truly does depend on the hair and scalp of the individual, but there is little […]

the truth behind the numbers

by Angela, Bellacara This Thursday evening (yes, tomorrow), Bellacara is hosting its annual holiday party. During the hours of 6pm – 9pm, the discount is 15% off all your purchases. (Keep reading. This […]

holiday beauty made simple

by Angela, Bellacara This time of year with holiday parties in full swing, many of you want to know how to pair your make-up with the festive attire of the season. We love […]

bb creams demystified

Reader: Can you explain the difference between BB, CC and DD creams? Angela: BB Creams are a German invention made popular in Korea and Japan. BB cream is an all-in-one facial product that […]

street style: tess mackey

Tess Mackey is an Alexandria native and a recent graduate of George Mason University. She has spent the last five years working in Old Town boutiques and is starting a career in social […]

beauty blender

At Bellacara we are always applying makeup. We apply makeup on customers, ourselves and each other on a daily basis. We can’t help it, the minute something new comes in we immediately pull […]

street style: katherine cooper

Photos by Rashmi Pappu You can take the girl out of Alexandria, but not Alexandria out of the girl! Katherine Cooper Hoffman grew up here; her family had a home on Royal, then […]

moisturizing combination skin

Reader: So, here’s the deal. I can’t find a moisturizer that sufficiently moisturizes but doesn’t make me feel greasy and my skin break out. What do people with combination skin do? Angela: This […]

skincare basics

People come into the store all the time and are often overwhelmed by the selection. They want to purchase a few products, but they don’t want to buy everything or waste their money. […]

look of the day: rain gear

And it’s another rainy day in Alexandria. I’m sure I’m not the only one who is so totally over the rain, but let’s look on the figurative bright side. Rain just gives us the opportunity […]

sparkle for the runway and every day

by Angela, Bellacara I love this time of year. I love the crisp air while the sun is still shining in the sky. I get to pull out my boots, sweaters, and coats […]

pencil or liquid?

Reader: Pencil or liquid liner if I’m looking for a longlasting color? Angela: Getting your eyeliner to last all day can seem like dreaming the impossible dream. Generally speaking liquid liner lasts longer […]

subtly flushed

Reader: I know I should wear blush but it always seems like I’m too “done” for daytime. How do I achieve that subtly flushed look? Angela: I love blush! It instantly perks you […]

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