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monday makeover: pretty and perfect

Camilla Belle is one of our beauty icons for two reasons. (1) Those eyebrows. (2) Her ability to transform her look with just a change in makeup application. It’s really remarkable. Google Image […]

a return to natural

Emily: My nails need a break from too many shellac manis. How should I treat them during their “time off?” Angela, Bellacara: Shellac is the Cadillac of manicures for many women. Polish that […]

a snow day…brought to you by bellacara

by Angela, Bellacara I have to admit that cold weather is not my thing. I was born in the desert (Palm Springs) and raised in Southern California. I enjoy the snow for a […]

monday makeover: get kate hudson’s look

Get Kate Hudson’s Look: Use Smashbox Cream Shadow in Quartz ($20) from lash to brow. Line the upper and lower lash line with Jouer Cream Eye Crayon in Renaissance ($24). Follow with Nouba […]

bringing day-two hair back to life

by Angela, Bellacara Customers ask me every day, what product do I love that they should know about. I always find it hard in that split second, to come up with a list. […]

fighting fly-aways

Sam: I want to wear my hair up more this year but hate fly-aways with a passion. Do you have any miracle products for this? Angela: The more porous and damaged your hair […]

radiant orchid

by Angela, Bellacara Hello 2014! I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am ready for a fresh start. There is something about the new year that seems to hold such […]

removing glitter polish

Reader: I have the hardest time removing nail polish with glitter in it. Is there a trick to getting it off easily? Angela: Glitter polish can be tricky to remove. We generally soak […]

a savvy surprise?

by Angela, Bellacara There is an ever-growing trend of companies offering subscription services for surprise gifts you give to yourself. For the sum of $10 – $250 dollars a month, you can sign […]

christmas morning non-makeup

by Angela, Bellacara Christmas morning is always a production. From the kids running around opening everything with a bow to preparing a meal for the whole family, it’s both stressful and joyous in […]

pencil or liquid?

Reader: Pencil or liquid liner if I’m looking for a long-lasting color? Angela: Getting your eyeliner to last all day can seem like dreaming the impossible dream. Generally speaking, liquid liner lasts longer […]

does makeup really go bad?

Reader: Does make-up really go bad? Or is that just a marketing thing to get you to buy new make-up? Angela: Yes, unfortunately, it is true. Make-up does expire. The expiration date starts […]

the sniff test

by Susan, Zoe Boutique The sense of smell is our most primitive sense. Located in the same part of our brain that effects emotions, memory and creativity, it is no wonder that we […]

how often is too often?

Reader: How often should you really wash your hair? There are so many opinions out there. Angela: It truly does depend on the hair and scalp of the individual, but there is little […]

the truth behind the numbers

by Angela, Bellacara This Thursday evening (yes, tomorrow), Bellacara is hosting its annual holiday party. During the hours of 6pm – 9pm, the discount is 15% off all your purchases. (Keep reading. This […]

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