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good things come in small packages

by Angela, Bellacara I am currently spending the Spring Break holiday in Orlando, Florida with my husband and four boys at a variety of amusement parks. Over the years I have realized that […]

bellacara’s look: orange lips

If you are anything like me you probably say these words every time you look for a lipstick, “it can’t have any orange in it.” I usually hate any lipstick that has a […]

cosmetics cocktailing

by Angela, Bellacara Never heard of cosmetics cocktailing? Chances are you have done it dozens of times if not more. Ever layer two lipsticks together to get the perfect shade? Then you have […]

bellacara’s look: before and after

At Alexandria Stylebook we love a good Before and After. It’s comforting to know that everyone needs a little make-up help to look their best. Adele always looks amazing at awards shows, but […]

bliss pout-o-matic

by Angela, Bellacara I used to suffer from terribly dry, chapped lips every winter. Over the years I have learned ways to keep them pretty healthy and looking good. This year however, I […]

bellacara’s look: all about the eyes

It really doesn’t take a smokey look to make your eyes pop. What I love about what Megan Fox (or rather her makeup artist) did here is that the focus remains on the […]

a lip regimen

Elizabeth (yep, the one from The Shoe Hive): Coming off a long winter, my lips are a mess. What is the best lip remedy/regimen? Angela, Bellacara: This time of year our lips seem […]

must-have makeup brushes

by Angela, Bellacara There are many make-up brushes to choose from out there and the prices for quality brushes can make a person wince. If you are a cosmetics aficionado you may have […]

monday makeover: steal this look

To get the sultry look of Keira Knightly here line your upper and lower lash line with a smudge proof black eyeliner. Smudge a bit of the black eyeliner under the lower lash […]

beauty (paris, part three)

Meredith: I’m heading to Paris in mid-May. Not only is this my first trip to Paris, this is my first International trip ever. I’ll be on my own quite a bit and plan […]

highlighting and contouring

by Angela, Bellacara Highlighting and contouring seems like the stuff of trained make-up artists to most of us. The truth is, however, that it’s really pretty simple. I plan to do a video […]

monday makeover: steal this look

Sienna Miller is one of our beauty icons to whom we look for inspiration, particularly on snowy, uninspiring days. To achieve this glowing and easy-to-steal look, here are the handful of products you […]

the art of make-up

by Angela, Bellacara We all know that beauty products can help us look better, but the truth is that used properly they can be downright transformative. It doesn’t take a lot of products […]

monday makeover: green eyes

We love how the gold in this green eyeliner plays off the color of her eyes. The bronze colored shadow picks up on the brown around her pupil and really makes her green […]

in-flight skincare

Karrie: Everyone says that the air on a flight dries skin out, but upon landing mine is always very oily. What’s that about? Angela, Bellacara: Most people are aware that flying can cause […]

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