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And we have the experts to make sure you feel that way. From skincare to haircare, from makeup to makeovers, our amazing aestheticians and local boutique owners know the latest and greatest products and advanced techniques to let your beauty shine through.


moisturizing combination skin

Reader: So, here’s the deal. I can’t find a moisturizer that sufficiently moisturizes but doesn’t make me feel greasy and my skin break out. What do people with combination skin do? Angela: This […]

skincare basics

People come into the store all the time and are often overwhelmed by the selection. They want to purchase a few products, but they don’t want to buy everything or waste their money. […]

look of the day: rain gear

And it’s another rainy day in Alexandria. I’m sure I’m not the only one who is so totally over the rain, but let’s look on the figurative bright side. Rain just gives us the opportunity […]

sparkle for the runway and every day

by Angela, Bellacara I love this time of year. I love the crisp air while the sun is still shining in the sky. I get to pull out my boots, sweaters, and coats […]

pencil or liquid?

Reader: Pencil or liquid liner if I’m looking for a longlasting color? Angela: Getting your eyeliner to last all day can seem like dreaming the impossible dream. Generally speaking liquid liner lasts longer […]

subtly flushed

Reader: I know I should wear blush but it always seems like I’m too “done” for daytime. How do I achieve that subtly flushed look? Angela: I love blush! It instantly perks you […]

the sixth beauty must-have

People ask me every day at the store what my must have products are and I always tell them the same five products. Sure I get a new favorite here and there, but […]

look of the day: girlfriends’ lunch

It is hard to get the entire Stylebook team together since there are quite a few of us now and our schedules are all jammed pack. When we are able to make it […]

moving beyond the comfort zone

Typically, I keep my make-up relatively natural. Cream and taupe eye shadows and a neutral lip. Thrilling, I know. Lately, however, I have been branching out from that. I saw a photo of […]

uniform: part two

I have never been much of a makeup person. Even though growing up my grandmother used to say she was going to “put her face on,” and even though I spent hours watching […]

how to clean makeup stains

Reader: Do you have any tricks for getting a foundation stain out of clothing? Angela: We always hesitate to answer cleaning questions because we are not dry cleaners and it is not our […]

look of the day: the shoe hive’s tenth anniversary party

In case you hadn’t heard, The Shoe Hive’s 10th Anniversary Party hosted along with Refinery29 is tomorrow evening, and of course you’re invited. Obviously, we have been discussing what to wear for weeks, […]

street style: pouneh

We are so grateful to Pouneh, one of our friends and fellow store owners, for letting us capture her street style yesterday! Pouneh is married and has two boys. She started 529 Kids […]

a facial in a jar

Those of you who know me, know that I have a lot of skin care products.  Over the years I have come to rely on a few key items though. Skinceuticals serums and […]

how to curl hair with a straightening iron

Reader: How do you actually get a good curl with a straightening iron? Allison: Use second day dry hair rather than freshly washed so there is a bit of texture and hold. Separate […]

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