Behind the Scenes: Is a Buying Trip as Fun as It Seems? Yes! And…

Everyday someone asks about our buying trips and usually they say “I bet it is really fun.”  Wellllll? It *is* really fun!  But before you jump on board, I thought you might like some insight as to all that goes into a New York buying spree.  It is simultaneously both exhilarating and exhausting.  We buy clothing in early fall for spring/summer and in February for fall/winter.  Furniture is purchased in North Carolina and gifts in New York City in February.  That makes four trips a year, two days per trip, and three tired ladies with drooping eyes and sore dogs.

Net Mesh Jacket in Black, $317; Sheer Plaid Top in Plaid $325

If you hope to be successful, buying is no simple seeing-and-pointing exercise.  There are many factors that go into our shopping trips.  We take into account the evolving trends, how many of each piece we need, the ratio of tops to bottoms, the sizes, and of course our customer base, right down to individual customers who shop with us on a regular basis and like specific designers/styles.  We also take into account the failures and successes of previous seasons.

Linen Poncho, $147.50

Our decisions, while difficult, may be a bit easier than other boutiques since here at Coco Blanca we work off the lovely neutral palette.  Many booths scream color…those are booths that we can walk right on by, giving us a little extra time to decompress at the bar.

Juan Eyelet Dress, available in black or white, $90

Price point is always a concern because we want everyone to be able to shop in our store.  For this reason, we structure variable price points for our diverse clientele.  All of these factors must be taken into account while trying to maintain our budget.  This can be quite challenging at times, given the vastness of options, and the need to view offerings from our previous favorites while being alert to new, exciting designers.

Joe’s Jean Honey Bootcut Jeans in white, $190

Buy too much, buy too little, or buy the wrong things…all these factors can bring prosperity or calamity.  Of course, one never knows for sure if what you are choosing will be a hit or a miss.  We hope that we make the perfect choices for those who shop with us, so that in some small way, we can reflect the style and joie de vivre that our lovely, smart clientele brings to our boutique.

So the shopping ends. After 8-10 hours on the showroom floor, we treat ourselves to a fabulous dinner at one of the many wonderful restaurants in New York City.  This likely involves a bottle of great wine and perhaps, occasionally, a little too much.  After dinner, we make our way back to our lovely hotel, our heads drop on the pillow, followed too soon by a nagging alarm.  We get up and do it all over again.  As soon as we have completed our two-day search, we cab over to Penn Station, and grab a train back to D.C.  We’re tired, but energized by the great new fashions that will grace Coco Blanca in the next season.  So there it is….lots of fun and excitement, mixed with exhaustion and terror that we might have failed to bring the fashions that will excite you as they did with us.

This spring we are particularly excited about the styles that we have chosen for the 2017 Collection!  Here is a sneak peek at what has already arrived at Coco Blanca, with much, much more to come.

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  • Avenue Montaigne Billy Pant in Taupe $212.50
  • Cotton Rolled Sleeves in Black $82
  • Fringed Crochets Top in White $57
  • Georgette Peasant Top $135
  • Kristen Dress in White $156
  • Lace Scalloped Edge Dress $69
  • Long Sleeved Tunic in White $57

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