The Benefits of Texture, Side Table Edition

Textured Side Table Edition

At Coco Blanca, it is no secret that we like monochromatic, tone-on-tone color schemes, so texture is important in creating contrast. Texture has the ability to add a powerful and subtle dimension to any room. It appeals to our senses both visual and tactile, thereby making the room interesting and inviting.

You can add texture by upholstering furniture with nubby fabrics, on the floor with a rug, and on the walls with a paint finish, a piece of art (click here if you missed the new pieces we shared yesterday), or even a cured wood. Pillows and throws are always easy ways to add texture, of course, but one of the most interesting and unexpected ways to infuse some texture into a room is by adding pieces of furniture with unique finishes.

There are so many wonderful pieces, but here are a just a few end tables to show the variety of texture options available.

Side Table

1. Love this Olive Ash Burl Veneer side table in a brushed whitewash.  21”D x 24.5″H

2. This side table base with assorted found sticks bundled together adds natural texture to a room. 18.5″D x 22”H

3. This hand-applied natural raffia on brass will be a lovely way to add texture in a bedroom or a living room. The pulls have raffia drawer pulls as well. 25”W x 19”D x 26.25”H

4. I love this set of two faux shagreen tables, which are functional as a coffee table or a side table. Even though this is a faux shagreen, it still has a luxurious feel and will add beautiful texture to your room.  Large, 21.5”D x 20.75”H | Small, 17”D x 19.5”H

5. This table from Palecek features a charcoal faux shagreen top. Silver leaf hand-applied over metal legs. 18”D x 23.75″H


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