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Custom clothing, be it handmade at home, from a seamstress, or through a department store with custom services, has always been part of my life. For many of us this is as true, as it was the norm for our grandparents.

My experiences started early on with the thrill of going to my Grammy’s favorite store in Toronto with the excitement and bustle of seamstresses, fabrics, and fashion bursting around us. Sometimes I would be included in measurements but generally this was a treat for her for a new special outfit. She would purchase fabrics to take home so she could design and sew something new for me that wasn’t as costly. We would spend hours coming up with the perfect dress! The memories that I have of her and my mom sizing, pinning, and sewing are priceless.

In today’s hectic world of fast, cheaper fashion, the true fit of a garment is often lost. None of us has the exact same proportions but we are all trying to fit into ready-made styles. Fortunately, clients are starting to realize the value of a custom-fitted dress, recalling how their grandparents had fewer but better fitting clothes.

At TSALT we can appreciate the beauty and convenience of off-the-rack clothing, but pride ourselves on the beauty and value of a hand-fitted dress. Recently, we have had overwhelming interest in Mother of the Bride and Mother of the Groom dresses. We are constantly hearing from clients that travel to New York to find the perfect dress and are disappointed after scanning the finest department stores, only to find something “frumpy” or “too revealing.” It appears there are no perfect, elegant, middle ground dresses.

This is where we at TSALT get excited! We start with clients bringing in photos of dresses they love, or even something from their closet that needs updating. We discuss and choose fabrics from our vast selection and measure, measure, measure! We start with a sketch and then begin draping and design a muslin dress for a first fitting. Once the design is initially approved, we cut the pattern from the chosen fabric or fabrics and sew it. Generally, after two fittings, the smile on a client’s face is just what we were hoping for.

There is nothing that gives me the same joy of a mother finally feeling happy with her clothing choice for her child’s wedding.

We generally request six weeks for the entire process but can sometimes accommodate a shorter window of time.  We have sample designs on the floor, but tend to style something unique for each client. We offer free alterations on any of our TSALT clothing and bespoke items after purchase.

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TSALT is a boutique that has developed a dual concept of producing private label styles along with complimentary brands that embody the same vision ~ women who are looking for chic and sophisticated clothing that will travel well and compliment their busy lives.

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