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One of the things I love about owning my own fitness business is that I can watch our community get stronger and fitter as they work towards their fitness goals. It also gives me the opportunity to be creative about the classes we offer at Ascend and how we can introduce innovative ways to keep our community challenged.

For many of our clients at Ascend, the bike is their comfort zone — and that has its pros and cons. Sticking to a workout style that you love and that feels predictable can help you stay on track. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of riding to my favorite jams on the bike! But it can also lead to plateaus if you don’t challenge your body in new ways.

Enter our newest class format: Ascend 30/30. This class blends a 30-minute ride, with 30 minutes of body weight strength-intervals or 30 minutes of low-impact abdominal, glute, and shoulder exercises held in our Ascend Underground studio.

These classes deliver the predictability of what our clientele know and love about our rides in a condensed, yet intense, 30 minutes. The second half of class adds strength-training exercises, all intentionally programmed to be complementary to one’s endurance that is built on the bike.

In a 30/30 Ride/HIIT class you will complete body weight exercises in a high-intensity, interval-training format. It’s a total body workout, so there will be movements that focus on the upper body, lower body, and core. There will be options to up the intensity with plyometrics, which will keep your heart rate soaring throughout the entire 60-minute class. This class will make you stronger and the interval format will pump up your metabolism, leaving you with a higher calorie burn for up to 48 hours after class. If you want to tone up this spring, I highly encourage you to check out this class.

The 30/30 Ride/Core class is focused on building strength in the core, glutes, shoulders and upper back. I mentioned that our classes are designed to complement each other. For the cyclist, we tend to see weaknesses in the glute medius, upper back, and core. This class specifically targets activating and fatiguing these muscle groups through low impact, isometric, and slowly performed exercises. I would recommend this class to anyone!

In any class at Ascend, our coaches are trained to offer modifications as needed. So if you’re recovering from an injury, if you are pregnant, or just had a baby, these classes can be a great fit for you. However, we do recommend that you speak with your coach (or me!) before trying out a new format, and we’re happy to give you personalized recommendations.

What are our clients saying?


“The HIIT 30/30 feels like it goes by so fast. Going from the bikes to the
underground workout really breaks up the workout while keeping the intensity high.”


“The 30/30 coaches use modifiable body weight exercises that make it
accessible for anyone to get a great work out at their own intensity level.”


“I really like the 30/30 because it’s truly a full body workout; I get the cardio intensity
from the cycling portion and strength from the body weight intervals.”


“The 30/30 core is one of my favorite classes. I get the sweat from the ride,
and then much needed core work, all in one hour.
Even though it’s low impact, my glutes are burning!”


Even our instructors are pumped about teaching these classes. Jaime, our senior instructor, loves being able to challenge her regulars both on the bike and off:

“I love teaching the Ride/HIIT because it’s an opportunity to challenge
our clients in several ways. I enjoy seeing our clients get stronger
and increase their endurance from week to week.”


Check out class with Jaime on Thursdays at 9:30am. If that time doesn’t work for you, we have the following other times:

Thursdays at 7:30pm with Caitlin and Kait

Fridays RIDE/HIIT at 9:30am with Kirsten

Saturdays RIDE/CORE at 11:45 with Michelle and Meredith

Sundays RIDE/HIIT at 11:45 with Kirsten and Alex B


A Special for Stylebook Readers

We really want you to check out a 30/30 class with us, so we’ve got a special offer for you! Between now and Memorial Day, you can check out a 30/30 class with us for FREE, plus we’ll give you one free pass for a friend to come with you, too! Just email us at and we will get you signed up!


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