Bellacara’s Bestselling Beauty Products of 2018

Yes, there are items that consistently fly off the shelves, no matter how hard I try to keep them stocked. Since this is the season where you may be trying to find that special someone something they might not buy themselves, here are the best and most coveted items of 2018.


Skinceuticals Vitamin C E Ferulic Serum

Yes, it is always on the list, but maybe some of you still don’t know why. The creator of Skinceuticals spent countless years developing and researching the effects of topical vitamin C and the most effective delivery system for ultimate benefits. We have all been told that topical vitamin C helps with collagen production and brightness. Its effectiveness as a topical antioxidant is also without question…but why Skinceuticals? Can’t I use this other vitamin C that is 20 percent l-ascorbic acid when C E ferulic is only 15 percent l-ascorbic acid?

Yes, that is true, and that is how other lines market to you. A higher concentration of vitamin C, sounds good doesn’t it? Well, maybe not. It turns out that the delivery system is what makes the product effective, not the concentration, and guess who has the patent on the most effective delivery system? That’s right…Skinceuticals. It turns out that the combination of 10-15 percent l-ascorbic acid, vitamin E, and ferulic acid makes the effectiveness 20 times greater than other topical vitamin Cs. Oh, and they also hold the patent on the optimum pH level, as well. They are the only line that can create a topical vitamin C with a pH level between a 2.4 and 3.5. That means your skin will be better able to tolerate it and to put it to work.  So, the moral of the story is more isn’t always more. $166


Surratt Lipslique

Feels like a lip balm, wears like a lipstick, and finishes like a stain, nearly everyone who bought one has come back for another color. “It’s all I want to wear” is the common refrain.  old out multiple times, at present we are pretty well stocked…we’ll see for how long. $34


The Slip Silk Pillowcase

Made of 22 Momme 100 percent mulberry silk, these pillowcases are truly a luxury. You may think, “Uh…it’s a pillowcase. Who cares?” Just every single person who has ever bought one. Don’t be fooled, they are definitely a beauty product. After sleeping on one you realize that your hair is less frizzy and broken, your skincare products are still on your skin instead of wicked up into your cotton pillowcase, and you don’t get the dreaded sleep lines you can with your cotton pillowcase.  Additionally, no more flipping your pillow when your pillow gets warm, simply move to the other side and it’s nice and cool, which means better sleep in general. The high price tag suddenly seems a small price to pay for all you gain. $85


Henry Charles Deluxe Cosmetic Bag

Again, the price tag may seem indulgent, but only until you own one. Then you’ll wonder why you bothered with all the other bags in the past. This celebrity-loved bag will make packing your toiletries a joy rather than a headache. A compact yet fully functional bag for all your travel items, it’s divided into compartments with a place for your brushes, skincare, and cosmetics. Did I mention it’s pretty enough to double as a clutch for an evening out? Multitaskers and compact packers rejoice! $148-$154


Zelens Power A Drops

As many of you know, this serum, a gentle yet amazingly effective retinol that can be used nightly — yes, you read that right, nightly — is my pick for favorite new product of 2018. No peeling, no flaking, just amazingly even-toned, clearer skin that has you wondering where this little bottle of miracles has been all your life. I literally get nervous when the bottle gets to the last few drops because I know my skin just won’t look the same. LOVE!!! $195


Vita Liberata Illuminaze Complexion Veil

This amazing cream enhances your skin rather than masking it. The highly active organic moisture base calms, controls, and hydrates the skin using the power of Advoganic TM technology. The transformative pearls of pigment blur and perfect the skin surface for a more beautiful complexion. Not makeup, it’s you…just a bit more even toned and glowing. Many of you now just ask for it by it’s new nickname: “magic cream.” $39


La Mend Patches

These plant- and hemp-based patches were first met with curiosity and perhaps a touch of skepticism. I asked each person who bought them to please give me feedback on them and whether they found them to be effective. To the last, the answer was yes. In fact, most people re-purchased and purchased in greater quantities. The hangover patches have now become a go-to gift to pair with a bottle of wine. Girls Night Out gift exchange? How about a wine glass with a hangover patch tucked inside? The Nite Nite patches pair perfectly with our silk sleep masks and pillowcases. The Be Calm patch pairs perfectly with a relaxing bubble bath and candle. $12


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I have been a beauty junkie for what seems like forever, but before I did anything about it, I went to law school. (Yes, my life is a little like the reverse of Legally Blonde.) Then, I worked as a prosecutor in Sonoma County after which I moved to the DC area with my husband in ’97. I served as Majority Counsel to the Senate Banking Committee followed by a year-long stint at a lobbying firm. You get the picture. It was then that I decided to act on my dream of becoming an entrepreneur. Finding my favorite beauty products proved to be impossible without stepping foot in a mall–the horror. So, I decided to bring my favorites to Alexandria. A few trips to New York and a flight to France and Bellacara was born in March 2000.

Located in historic Old Town Alexandria, for more than 17 years Bellacara has been Northern Virginia's preeminent boutique for high end cosmetic, skincare and haircare products. At Bellacara you will find premiere beauty products that have been carefully edited by the store’s owner, Angela Sitilides, who personally tests all the products sold in store. The boutique carries only the best product lines – Kiehl’s, Jouer, Dr. Dennis Gross, Christophe Robin, Moroccan Oil, Bumble & Bumble, Fresh, Molton Brown, Skinceuticals, Smashbox, Stila, Mario Badescu, Clarins, Dermalogica, Kevyn Aucoin, Kai, Child, St. Tropez, Smith and Cult, and many more.

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