Beyond the Gold Band: Men’s Left and Right Hand Rings

Our alternative metal collections would be a great way to celebrate the man in your life for all his hard work. Is he outdoorsy and adventurous? Tough as iron? Does he have a heart of gold? Let these inspirations help you select a perfect match that reflects his unique charms.


What’s Your Man’s Style?

Benchmark has produced classic wedding bands from a variety of precious metals for generations. These traditional bands undergo a six-step quality control process to make them last a lifetime. Just like your love, your man is unique, so sometimes a plain, gold band just won’t do it. If you need something more meaningful and iconic, one of our organic, contemporary bands might be the tie that binds your love forever.


Left or Right Hand Rings for Men

If you’re not looking to tie the knot and want to give a meaningful ring to your father, friend, son, or brother, we have great rings for the right hand to symbolize a different connection.

Mystique Jewelers is also home to the beautiful Ammara Stone line of wedding bands, which pair the softness and beauty of traditional gold with exciting and edgy contemporary metals like tantalum or titanium.

Tantalum is almost entirely resistant to air, water, and most acids. It has the third highest melting point of all the elements. Less than 50 years of tantalum resources remain and it is protected, signifying the rarity of the metal within the modern metal marketplace.

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Image 1

Red Tiger Eye Bead Bracelet
Stainless Solidite Bracelet
Sterling Silver Mens Triple Bracelet Weave
Stainless Steel Aquamarin Watch
Black Titanium with Carbon Fiber Center Inlay


Image 2

Gold Open Link Bracelet
Sterling Silver Two Tone Bracelet
Cobalt Black with Rosewood Inlay Band
Custom Signet Family Crest Ring


Image 3

Two Tone Wire Brush Finish with Inner Rose Gold
Two Tone Faux Mokume Tantalum Ring with Inner Rose Gold


Image 4

Comfort-Fit Distressed Tantulum Band
Multi-Metal Contemporary Black Titanium Band
Bark Pattern Black Titanium Ring


Image 5

Gold & Silver Dragon Scale Bracelet
Sterling Silver Braided Bracelet
Stingeray Bracelet
Tantalum Black Diamond Band
Black Agate Matte Horse Bracelet


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Featuring old world styles, textures in gold, and styles that are rich yet perfect for everyday wear. Mystique Jewelers evolved from that of custom goldsmith shop into a truly sophisticated boutique, featuring the most coveted designers’ lines such as: Jude Frances, Alberto Parada, Jaime Joseph, Lauren K, KC Designs, and Beverly K as well as creating “one of kind” designs that are timeless, heirloom, and classic. Planning on getting engaged? Our diamond experts, master goldsmith, and designers on the premises will assist you in creating a truly remarkable, one-of-a-kind engagement ring. 

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