beyond the holiday card: capturing memories in art

We love this time of year, when every trip to the mailbox holds promise of cheerful greetings from family and friends near and far. Opening each card and seeing those smiling faces – we are always amazed by how quickly all these kids are growing up.

Of course, that’s the fun part of cards – the receiving! Sending cards? Well that can be a little more stressful. Be honest: how many hundreds of photos did you scroll through on your iPhone in the hopes of finding that perfect image only to realize, hmm, ugh, nothing holiday card-worthy? Cue the last-minute scramble for a photographer and a hastily staged shoot. This is not how memories should be made!

There is another way, one that’s stood the test of time for a reason: portraiture. Yes, you have a million snaps on your phone. But how often do you see them? How well do they capture your child’s spirit? Do they truly warm your heart? Portraits take some planning, but that care pays dividends in the final product: artwork that captures a moment in time in a way that photography can’t.

Today’s portrait artists work in a variety of media, from oils and pastels, to charcoal, even sculpture! There is a portrait artist perfect for every personality, every family, and any décor – and no better way to capture the moments as years fly by. So as the 12 days of Christmas morph into 12 months, 12 years, think about how you’d like to capture these moments forever…

portrait collage v1

gift certificate
The gift of portraiture is a gift that lasts forever.

1. Indoor
2. Family
3. Pastel
4. Pastel
5. Outdoor
6. Teen
7. Adult
8. Oil
9. Charcoal
10. Youth
11. With pets
12. Vignette

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