Braid New Pieces Into Your Wardrobe

When you get such a big delivery, you have to show all of the ways to style the pieces. The word that kept coming to mind during last week’s shoot was “braid.” We would take one piece and style it in two different ways and it felt as if we were braiding looks together. This concept is what you do every day in your closet, right? Unless you are one of those people who only wears one item one way and that’s it. If that’s you, this post might help you expand on new ways to style pieces in your wardrobe so read on!

Sweet Amy was our model and as always she did an amazing job. We kept feeding her different scenarios for each look, which again is a very realistic way to look at personal style. For one look Amy was going out to dinner and for another look she was casually visiting an art exhibit (this imaginary person had quite the life). In truth though, it’s important to buy pieces that fit into your lifestyle so you can braid them into your life. Here are just a few of the looks we created with new merchandise from Autumn Cashmere and Nanushka.



Look 1

Smythe Blazer, Smythe Cami, Frame Jeans, Kempton&Co Studded Clutch, and Frame Belt


Look 2

Nanushka Blazer, Autumn Cashmere Sweater, Frame Jeans, and Frame Belt


Look 3

Autumn Cashmere Sweater, Cambio Pants, and Frame Belt


Look 4

Autumn Cashmere Sweater, Nanushka Vegan Leather Pants


Look 5

Nanushka Vegan Leather Pants, and Nanushka Blouse


Look 6

Nanushka Vegan Leather Pants, Smythe Blazer, and Nanushka Tie Dye Turtleneck


Look 7

Nanushka Vegan Leather Pants, Smythe Cami, and Autumn Cashmere Cardigan


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