Bright Ideas for Functional Lighting

The best-lit rooms have layers of lighting; functional lighting is one of those layers. Functional lighting, as the name suggests, provides the illumination we need for the daily activities in our lives. Think lighting for your kitchen prep area, or the entry hall to light art or a console table, or the bedside table to read.

Style lighting and functional lighting should work together to supply the light needed in your room, but there are many times when one is more fitting than the other.  Today we are focusing on lighting that provides both beautiful form and requisite function.


Left, Aerin, 22-1/2” H x 5-1/2” W, Extension 29-3/4” | $699, less 20 percent, $532 | Right, more wall-mounted functional lighting options

Floor Lamps

Left, J. Randall Powers, 50”-56-1/2” H, Extension 15-3/4”, Base 10” round | $1,125 less 20 percent, $899 | Right, more floor lamp functional lighting options

Table Lamps

Left, Kelly Wearstler table lamp, 17-1/2” H x 16-3/4” W, Base 5” square | $747 less 20 percent, $598 | Right, more table lamp functional lighting options

As you can see, function doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice form — in fact, more stylish and beautiful functional lighting is available now than ever before. But as many examples as I am showing you, there are dozens more with lots more coming in the near future.

Here are a few that we have on the floor in our stores now.

 From left to right:

Aerin, 51”-63” H x 12” W, Extension 42”, Base 12” round | $747.50 less 20 percent, $598

Studio VC 34”-45” H, Extension 13”, Base 6” x 9” rectangle | $440 less 20 percent, $352

J. Randal Powers, 52-1/4” H x 14” W, Base 9” round | $575 less 20 percent, $459

Aerin, 67” H x 16-3/4” W, Base 10” round | $947.50 less 20 percent, $758

Thomas O’Brien, 56” H, Extension 26-1/2”, Base 18-1/4” tripod | $499 less 20 percent, $399

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