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I came across this shirt the other day when I was shopping for paper towels. It hit me so strongly that I needed to take a picture of it. Stress. Yes, we are all overwhelmed by it right now. I stress about my business, my staff (which is like family), my home that is for sale, my three parents in their 80’s, my husband away for months, the future, and my top priority, my children. All three of my children are heading back to the unknown abyss of today’s university environment, and I also have a nephew and goddaughter that are my responsibility to get to school as well since their parents aren’t able to right now. That’s some crazy stress, but unlike this disturbing t-shirt, care more is my motto right now.


 No! I believe we should care more!


I believe caring more is what reduces stress. It bonds us to our friends and our community. I think what my children have learned from this time will stay with them for their lifetimes. We bake cookies for the neighborhood firehouse, we donate water and more to the homeless, we bring flowers to our neighbors and check on them, we walk their dogs when the heat is extreme, we drive people to and from the grocery store. We care.

I believe we are all good at heart and that all of my neighbors care as much as I do. That’s why this shirt stopped me in my tracks. Do we have to care less to stress less? I think the opposite is true. We also need to take care of ourselves to limit the amount of stress we experience.

So, another way some people relieve stress is by shopping. Shopping can be an incredible stress reliever, especially when you get a fabulous discounted price on something that genuinely makes you feel great when you wear it. Coming soon (August 15 & 16) is the annual Alexandria Sidewalk Sale, where your shopping bliss comes to fruition! The sale prices are amazing, and this year is no exception. Last year a friend of mine purchased her niece an entire wardrobe for her first job from multiple shops as her graduation gift. Think about how you can care and give and perhaps gift yourself by supporting the small businesses in Alexandria during the next few weeks. We are here for you!


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