the perfect coffee table

by Gayla, Coco Blanca I think anyone who has decorated a family room or living room has struggled with finding the perfect coffee table. I remember searching for my first nice coffee table. […]

tread lightly: animal prints

Amy: Animal print for the home. Yes or no? Coco Blanca: Yes, but be careful. Like drinking wine, you don’t want to over do it. At Coco Blanca, we love the adventurous spirit […]

design details: items on the floor


how to be a natural beauty

by Coco Blanca Connecting with nature can play a vital role in home interiors as well as one’s wardrobe. If done correctly, using natural elements can help awaken all your senses! Lately, we […]

the best guest

Erin: I’m tired of bringing the same bottle of wine to dinner parties but I don’t want to spend a ton every time we get invited somewhere. What do you recommend? Elisabeth: Coco […]

design details: winter whites

Come in from the cold and cozy up to these winter whites. White is always classic and comforting. It provides a backdrop that can accommodate any pattern, and it never overpowers or overwhelms. […]

home design 101

by Gayla, Coco Blanca Everyone probably thinks that being the owners of an interior design store, we can change out furniture in our homes whenever we want. Not so! First of all for […]

sail away from the safe harbor

by Susan, Zoe Boutique Remember the post on Anti-Resolutions for 2014 earlier this month? If not, here is a link! One of my promises was to share a recipe with you once a […]

a cottage makeover

by Gayla, Coco Blanca My good friend Ann Scully bought Oakland’s cottage three years ago after a long search. They fell in love with the location on the Tred Avon River in Easton, […]

paint or wallpaper?

Reader: We are redoing our bedroom, and I really love the look of wallpaper. But I fear it’s too trendy and will be “out” in a matter of months. Should I give it […]

street style: kathy seifert

Kathy Seifert lives on S. Lee Street in Old Town and is the Director of Development for the Alexandria Seaport Foundation (ASF). Having grown up in New England, Kathy found Alexandria the perfect […]

the serving tray … the ultimate home accessory

by Coco Blanca The concept of a serving tray dates back to ancient times, and likely evolved from the English “silver salver” term…a flat silver tray. It was thought that food and drink […]

coco blanca’s new year resolution

The Coco Blanca team’s collective new year resolution is to fill their homes with beautiful art. In an age when computer design is de rigueur and many products for the home are mass […]

what’s up with whitewashing?

Reader: I have an old brick fireplace in my living room, and while I love that it works it’s a bit of an eyesore. What is whitewashing exactly? Is it as easy as […]

a lifestyle store

What is a “Lifestyle” store? Coco Blanca is the perfect example! Walk into Coco Blanca and you immediately sense that there’s something very different going on there. They are selling fabulous furniture, lighting, […]

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