12 Simple Tips for Brain Health

And why you should care… Despite brain related illnesses skyrocketing, we still don’t hear much about how to achieve brain health. After all, your brain is involved in everything you do and everything […]

Desire to Deepen Your Yoga Practice? Don’t Miss This Rare Opportunity!

Right now, any yoga practitioner can join our fantastic group of teachers in training for one or more of the many fascinating topics we’ll explore. Yes, that’s right, we’re offering you a once […]

You’re Invited: An Alexandria Event that Gives Back!

Jennifer Poersch and I met through a mutual friend at our church. Since then, Jennifer has become a dear friend, a wellness superstar, and one of the biggest supporters of Alexandria Wellness and […]

The Most Important Habit of Highly Successful Women Over 45

Can you learn to love your body? Yes! This is from someone who practiced deprivation dieting, hated her body, body-shamed herself, and thought she could “run off” calories. I endured injury after injury […]

Let’s Move Outside

On a day like today, one reflects. My husband and I both lost someone on 9/11. One human, a high school friend and another human, a college teammate, were both working on the […]

8 Habits of Highly Successful Women over 45: Part 2

Are you 45+ and still kvetching about your body, your lack of energy, and how you wish you had the time to take better care of yourself? (Click here to get a free […]

8 Habits of Highly Successful Women over 45: Part 1

What defines you and your wellness at 45 and older? After working with over 2,000 women over the past 16 years, there are common factors that lead to wellness success for women who […]

What Now?

This month, I got to spend two weeks away on a not-so-crowded beach in North Carolina. It was so physically detached, that we were able to pretend we were in different times. While […]

Enjoy the Journey 

Now that we have discussed the steps I believe lead to a growth mindset and greater wellness, I want to introduce to you my final tip: Enjoy the journey. Your experiences will be […]

5 Tips to Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Have you ever not been able to achieve a wellness goal because something got in the way? Whether it was a barrier or challenge created by another person or by you, you were […]

7 Thoughts That Are Sabotaging Your Health

Developing a Growth Mindset: Part 3 We are the sum of our choices. Every thought, every decision, every word we say or think has huge implications for our health and wellness. I constantly […]

What’s a Woman to Do When Fitness Research Is All About Men?

Have you experienced going Keto or Paleo and feeling great for one week, but feeling terrible the next? Have you lost weight one week and then gained it the next while staying on […]

It’s About the Process, Not the Outcome

It’s not about the numbers, ladies! You see, as a society, we tend to get caught up in the numbers. Whether it is the readout on the scale, the number on the clothing […]

Do You Believe You Can Grow and Improve?

Developing A Growth Mindset is Crucial for Wellness Part 1: Cultivate A Sense of Purpose If you believe you are someone who has the ability to succeed and achieve the contentedness, the energy […]

You Asked, I Answered!

When I write for Stylebook, I feel like I focus on the topics that interest me the most. So, I took to Instagram and asked for your questions (please follow me at @drmeganbrown […]

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