You Want Me to Start a New Healthy Habit Now?

For many, this is one of the most challenging circumstances you have experienced. By now you know, I am obsessed with habits and with human behavior. I mean, if so many of you […]

5 (More) Ways to Stay Strong During Coronavirus

Now that we are further into the time when most of us are homebound, stress in our country is at an all-time high and you may be feeling slightly helpless. Kids are out […]

Mind the Mat’s How-To for Online Classes

We will get through this together. As we’ve temporarily suspended in-person classes, we are now offering Digital Classes at this time. We urge you to stay healthy and join us from the comfort of your home. We care about you! Please […]

Coronavirus: Your Top 10 Wellness “Must Dos” Starting Today (Part 1)

Fly or cancel? Meet friends out or stay home? Go to the gym or walk, or ride your Peloton instead? Social distance? What? There are a lot of questions in all of our minds […]

The Ab Trick Everyone Should Know

This is the abdominal secret trick that everyone should know. I tell people in my classes, when you walk down the street recruiting your abdominals this way, feel bad for the people walking […]

How Your Midday Habits are Affecting Your Wellness

Imagine committing to being outside for at least one hour every day. Not that it has to happen all at one time, yet you have developed a habit of one hour total each […]

Your Nighttime Habits: The Reverse Alarm

Is it your habit to have a fit body? Sounds kind of strange I’m sure, yet it is a good question. Do your daily habits reflect your desire to have a fit body? If […]

Three Healthy Tips

We are always trying to be healthier every single day. With new health and fitness trends constantly popping up, it can sometimes feel overwhelming to decide which ones to follow. Luckily for us, […]

We Are Not Broken

“Needs stability.” I admit I used to write this in patients’ charts as part of my assessment of “what was wrong” with them. Over the years and especially most recently, I finally figured […]

How 1% of Your Actions Can Make You Succeed or Fail

My first 22 minutes every day. They define me. They are my one percent that has made lasting impact on my health, my stress, my wellness, and my confidence. They are unbreakable. I’ve […]

The Two Items I Can’t Leave Home Without Are…

We love to find ways to have our readers get to know us a little more..so what better way to get to know who we are then for us to tell you the […]

Shrink Your Waist by Growing This…

In conversations about why they are failing or struggling in their fitness and wellness – or not where they want to be – the vast majority of women tend to focus first on […]

Sick Together In Bed: The Tale of a Not-So-Romantic Getaway

The day after Christmas my boyfriend, Gary, and I went to stay in Miami while my parents came to stay with my son and my two new puppies in Alexandria. We arrived in […]

Why I Quit Being (Just) a Personal Trainer: It’s (Not) All About Food

We are a nation obsessed with dieting, numbers, and measuring. Some of us, like me, inherited this from our mothers. Some of us fell (and continue to fall) prey to the media touting this […]

Why I Quit Being (Just) a Personal Trainer

I’m not quite sure the day or the week, yet I do remember the year when I realized I needed to make a change. It was 2018.  After all, I’d started the first […]

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