Great Gifts for Kids of All Ages

There are many aspects of the holiday season that I love, from the festive music and lights to the spirit of the season and family time. I also truly love giving gifts to […]

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year…To Live in Alexandria!

Real estate typically slows down at this time of year as folks travel or hunker down in cold weather, but this season has been unusually busy, especially in Old Town, where people have […]

The Perfection of a Button-Down Shirt, Styled by Age (and, pssst…a Flash Sale!)

A button-down shirt is my absolute favorite item in my closet. This is a love affair of necessity — I mean what else would I wear under my voluminous collection of blazers? But […]

Be Your Own Mixologist: How To Make Your Holiday Wear Work Harder (with Cocktails To Match!)

Some of us will have lots of social events during the holiday season. Holiday office parties, school functions with the kids, neighborhood gatherings, etc. It isn’t practical for your budget or your carefully […]

Stylebook’s Gift Guide No. 5

Still looking for inspiration? Forgot to get a gift for someone on your list? Have no fear! We have some great last-minute gifts, which also make super stocking stuffers, all picked out for […]

SAXX: Life-changing Underwear, a Lifesaving Guy…and His Dog

When I first ran into this company at market in New York, I was slightly uneasy because I’d never had any experience with men’s underwear, but they did such a great promotion and […]

Wishes (for Us) & Santa’s Workshop (for the Kids)

When I opened The Shoe Hive 14 years ago, my husband thought doing so would help decrease my shopping budget. He assumed that since I’d get a discount at my own store surely […]

Penny Post’s Can’t-Miss Picks

At Penny Post, I have the great good fortune to work with amazingly creative and talented people. These folks know how a fine pen writes, they know quality paper when they feel it, […]

Stylebook’s Gift Guide No. 4

Why is buying for men so hard?! Well with this gift guide, it’s anything but. We’ve found can’t-miss presents with something to appeal to all the men in your life. Looking for more […]

My Favorite Pantry Gifts

It’s definitely the holiday season. The Del Ray Christmas tree is lit, the Scottish Walk has passed. Winter coats are on. And Stomping Ground guests are asking lots of questions about gifts, particularly […]

The Making of a Gift Guide: A Cautionary Tale

When we learned that our Stylebook editor would be putting together themed gift guides for the holiday season again this year, we were excited to contribute. We started shopping around thinking of what […]

Stylebook’s Gift Guide No. 2

Today it’s all about your BFF, your mother-in-law, your favorite niece or aunt; our the gifts in our For Her guide are the indulgences she’ll love but not necessarily buy for herself…and doesn’t […]

Cool Kid Stuff. Stylish Technology. Things that Smell Nice. Things that Keep You Cozy: Our Gifts by Category

As the season changes from fall to winter, so does the landscape at The Shoe Hive and now The Hive. We have moved out the ottomans, put up the tables, and filled our […]

Debunking Wine Myths Dinner

I like to be unique. Authentic. An individual. But sometimes, you have to just borrow a damn good idea. Megan Brown left a snippet of a New York Times article on my desk […]

It’s Time for the 47th Annual Scottish Christmas Walk Weekend!

T-G-I-Almost Scottish Christmas Walk Weekend!!! I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: SCWW is my absolute favorite weekend in Old Town. I think I speak for all of the Junior Friends […]

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