Introducing Kiskadee Kash

As a retailer, I am always trying to come up with ideas that make shopping fun (or should I say more fun). I personally, love a good promotion. Before I owned a store, […]

The Hive’s Current Must-have Accessory

Sometimes I am late to a trend. Even though I go to market and can see when something is going to be huge, I don’t always “get it” — meaning it just doesn’t […]

Shh! It’s A Secret Sidewalk Sale

What’s more fun than a Sidewalk Sale? How about a Secret Sidewalk Sale? If you have been to our shop, you probably understand that we aren’t exactly cut out for a traditional Sidewalk […]

Strong Women, Strong Jewelry

Today’s strong woman wants jewelry that is equally powerful and empowering, and because of that, statement jewelry remains a trend in 2019. The fierce femme puts her jewelry on like armor every morning, […]

Is Online Shopping Like Eating In Front Of The TV?

I often hear from people in the store that they do a lot of their shopping online because it’s less expensive. But according to a recent study of 1,000 subjects, they spent twice […]

Sidewalk Sale Sneak Peek: Kiskadee

The Alexandria Sidewalk Sale is this weekend! I know everyone gets excited for the annual Warehouse Sale in February, but believe me, the Alexandria Sidewalk Sale is just as good, plus it lasts […]

Sidewalk Sale Sneak Peek: The Hive And The Shoe Hive

This coming weekend is the biggest shopping event of the summer, The Alexandria Sidewalk Sale. City-wide you will find great deals at your favorite locally owned stores. Imagine the Warehouse Sale, but this […]

Because Every Alexandria Student Deserves New School Supplies…

I know, school just got out and we’re already talking about back to school. It’s crazy, but believe me it will be here soon enough. My favorite part about going back to school […]

Tax-Free Weekend for All

What is that old saying, the only two things that are certain in life are death and taxes? I mean: what a downer of a phrase! But this weekend a bunch of stores […]

TSALT Styling Event With ALH Style

Join us at TSALT on Thursday, April 4th from 6-8pm for a fun spring styling event with ALH Style! Enjoy 20 percent off of the entire store during the event. Bishop Boutique will […]
Tax Free Weekend

Tax-Free Weekend (on Everything!)

The bulk of my summers as a child were spent in Ohio at the neighborhood pool. I was a competitive swimmer, so after championships at the end of July I would head to […]

Coco Does….Color?

Our trademark here at Coco Blanca is classic neutrals. We tend to stick to shades of white, beige, cream, and sometimes black. But recently we have been expanding our palette with little pops […]

In Living Color

Several weeks ago, I cleaned out my closet. To use a fancier term, I performed a “closet audit.” I followed a formula that I learned from Rosanna Vollmerhausen and Lani Inlander, two prominent […]
Six Picks 08-07-2017

The Alexandria Stylebook Six Picks

From Maine to Cuba, from India to the beach, we are loving these destination-inspired must-haves this week — plus the perfect bag for travel and bracelets to wear while there. Now we want to […]

How To Be a Boho Babe!

Bohemian style is all about having fun. It embodies a free spirit and is inspired by global art, the 1970s, and travel. Here are a few simple concepts to follow to embrace your […]

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