Kiskadee’s Spring Sale

Even with everything going on, retailers still need to move old spring merchandise to make way for summer and eventually fall. We have some really beautiful pieces that we need to move to […]

Let the Scents Take You Away

If there is one thing that is flying off the shelf right now, it’s candles and diffusers. If you have to be home all day, why not make the house smell good. People […]

Style for a Steal

I love having a variety of price points at Kiskadee. I’m always on the hunt for fun new brands that won’t break the bank. We recently received our first shipment of HYFVE, a […]

Celebrating the Women in Our Lives

Mother’s Day is the time to celebrate the women in our lives. This time is all about honoring the women who have helped us shape the best parts of our journey. They have been our cheerleaders, our mirrors, […]

A Few Looks We are Loving for Mother’s Day

One of the very best things about living in Alexandria for me, is that my parents live just about a mile away from our house in Old Town and they have always been […]

The Shoe Hive Welcomes Two New Brands

I think The Hive is still my shiny new object. I really do love The Shoe Hive. I mean but just like the first-born child (which I am not, I am the pain […]

Graduation Day Boutique Box

The coronavirus pandemic has been difficult on everyone for different reasons. But one of the groups that this has affected really breaks my heart…that group is the graduates. For high school graduates, it […]

Mother’s Day Reminder

Hello, everyone! Do you know what day it is? Because I don’t! I really have no idea. It could be Sunday, or Friday, or Monwedsmonth. I forgot our wall calendar in Old Town, […]

This Mother’s Day I Would Like…

If there is one thing we know for sure it’s that Mother’s Day is going to be extra special this year. 2020 has been anything but ordinary and moms are already extraordinary in […]

Mother’s Day Virtual Wish List

We had so many big plans for Mother’s Day – events for moms or anyone shopping for a mom to attend. Clearly that isn’t happening, but it doesn’t mean we still can’t help […]

Frank & Eileen Virtual Trunk Show

Let’s face it, it is a Zoom world and we all just live in it. Even if you don’t use it for work, we are all using it to catch up with friends […]

For the Overworked Mom

I’m not sure about you, but this mom is feeling overworked and overwhelmed. I’ve talked to so many friends and the story is the same. We’ve put our cleaning services on hold. Who […]

Coronavirus Fashion? Yes, I’m a Fan!

I’ve always been a lover of all things fashion and design related. I made Barbie clothes as a child, and my mother and I made a “formal” dress for me in middle school […]

Mother’s Day Boutique Box

I have said it many times, but one of the many great rewards of having a store is the friendships I have formed with other store owners. There is a common bond with most small […]

Introducing Violet and Brooks

Back in early February I attended NY Now (the gift show). Even at this early time, you could start to see the effects of COVID-19. Usually, there are back to back booths next […]

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