Graduation! The First White Dress

One’s wedding day is not the only momentous occasion to wear the quintessential white gown…graduation day is on that list, too! And like a wedding, graduation is a major event that marks the end […]

Memorial Day Staff Picks: BBQ Edition

As I write this post my mouth is watering just thinking about my Memorial Day barbecue!  So many family and friends gather together on this day of remembrance to honor their loved ones […]

Memorial Day Staff Picks: Beach Edition

Memorial Day weekend is THE unofficial official opening of beach season!  We dream of the warm sun on our skin and the heat of the sand on our toes.  Whether you sit on […]

How To Wear Dresses + Sneakers

I have officially banned myself from buying another pair of sneakers for the next six months. The number of sneakers I have accumulated over the past six months is disturbing, and at some […]

Raw Stone Jewelry

At Kiskadee we embrace the uniqueness of all women.  We come in different shapes, sizes, and personalities.  We recognize our wonderful individuality and it is reflected beautifully in the store, not only in […]

How To Wear Denim Shoes

Yesterday morning a customer was enthralled with a pair of denim sandals in our store (the amazing ones in the first look below) but wasn’t quite sure how she would wear them. Since the […]

Rompers R Us!

The summer of 2016 brought back the romper and this spring rompers are in full force!  And yes, adult women can wear rompers!  They are not like the rompers of our youth…they are […]

Christen’s Clothing Pop-Up in Alexandria

When my husband and I moved to the D.C. area, we landed in Alexandria by chance or divine intervention. Whichever way you choose to look at it, we’re grateful. This city and the […]

Diamonds + Dresses: A Mother’s Day Event at TSALT

Mother’s Day was so easy when we were little. Remember the hand-print crafts that we would make in preschool and then proudly present to our moms on Mother’s Day? Now we’re all grown […]
Six Picks 08-07-2017

The Alexandria Stylebook Six Picks

Need a killer dress? We might be obsessed with this one. Also loving this week: champagne flutes that won’t get mixed up, ingenious shampoo to summer-proof hair, accessories that make an outfit, and more. […]

Charm Mom This Mother’s Day

Every year around Mother’s Day, Mystique hosts a JudeFrances Trunk Show. Why? Because hands down, JudeFrances is probably the most sought-after designer we carry.  The collection offers something for women of all ages […]


Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back. And that tribe usually includes her mom. At least in our case it does. This Mother’s Day, we […]

Ombré: It’s Not Just for Coachella Anymore!

The Coachella music festival always thrusts Boho fashion into the spotlight.  Some of the festival fashion may be a little extreme but the ombré trend is by far one of our favorites.  The colors […]

What To Wear to the Kentucky Derby (or a Derby Party)

There are definitely rites of spring and the Kentucky Derby is tops on the list!  Tradition abounds at the Derby…where else do you “dress” for a horse race?  The fashion, the mint juleps, […]

Details, Details! Embroidery + Hand-beaded Appliques

It’s all about the details this spring! Embroidery has been around for thousands of years — in fact, it can be traced all the way back to the Iron Age — but it’s back […]

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