Street Style: Janet Kim

I met Janet within the first week of buying Kiskadee. She’s been a long-time customer of ours…long before I even came along. I’m so grateful for her steadfast loyalty! She is such a […]

Introducing Kiskadee Kash

As a retailer, I am always trying to come up with ideas that make shopping fun (or should I say more fun). I personally, love a good promotion. Before I owned a store, […]

The Hive’s Current Must-have Accessory

Sometimes I am late to a trend. Even though I go to market and can see when something is going to be huge, I don’t always “get it” — meaning it just doesn’t […]

New Fall Line Coming To TSALT: Mackage

If you haven’t been following along, welcome to my four-part series on the new lines that TSALT will be carrying this fall. Don’t worry, here’s last week’s article on KNITSS, the first brand in […]

Tips From Tim: How To Know What’s What

One of the many services we provide at Alx&Co. is providing an expert opinion on the make and material of pieces that our clients bring to us. Often, it’s a collection of pieces […]

Two Stylists, Two Pieces, Five Looks

Washington may be the capital of the free world, but we are not considered a fashion capital – and I think D.C. gets a bad rap when it comes to fashion. Every day […]

Jewelry Inspired By Aspen And Abroad

Many of you know of my obsession with The Woods Fine Jewelry. I have gradually added to my collection over the past ten years and everything I’ve purchased is still timeless and beautiful. […]

Travel Style: Dressing For Heat And Humidity Overseas

I pack my clients for all sorts of trips and vacations. Most recently, I created looks and put together a carryon (only) of outfits for a trip to Prague. Most of our clients’ […]

Our Top Picks for the Week of August 12, 2019

Things that are a girl’s best friend are in this week’s top picks including some new jewelry you’ll want, a tray to put it in, and a beautiful new lipstick to add to […]

Shh! It’s A Secret Sidewalk Sale

What’s more fun than a Sidewalk Sale? How about a Secret Sidewalk Sale? If you have been to our shop, you probably understand that we aren’t exactly cut out for a traditional Sidewalk […]

Learning To Stand Up for Myself, Literally

I have never liked being tall, and for as long as I remember, I have been taller than my peers. When I was in elementary school, we would all ride our bikes up […]

New Line Alert: ASTARS

When vendors visit me here at Kiskadee, they often have a new brand to present. I always love the idea of introducing my customers to something new. Well, I have a new one […]

Strong Women, Strong Jewelry

Today’s strong woman wants jewelry that is equally powerful and empowering, and because of that, statement jewelry remains a trend in 2019. The fierce femme puts her jewelry on like armor every morning, […]

New Fall Line Coming To TSALT: KNITSS

Get ready for a month of introductions. Over the next four weeks I will be introducing you to four lines that TSALT will be bringing into the store this fall! Each is different […]

Sidewalk Sale Sneak Peek: Kiskadee

The Alexandria Sidewalk Sale is this weekend! I know everyone gets excited for the annual Warehouse Sale in February, but believe me, the Alexandria Sidewalk Sale is just as good, plus it lasts […]

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