Last Minute Dresses for This Weekend’s Festivities

Easter, weddings, graduations, garden parties! Spring brings out festivities that we can only dream about in winter. Colors range the entire spectrum, and floral designs range from whimsical to sophisticated. Lighter fabrics and […]

Two New Lines To Solve All Our Summer Shade Needs

When I decided to open a second store, I knew my challenges would increase. But getting the buying right and keeping up with placing orders — and re-orders when things are moving and […]

Boulevard: A Trunk Show for All Your Gift-Giving Needs

Do you have your spring and summer gift list ready? I know mine is unusually long. I have teacher gifts, coach gifts, high school and college graduation gifts, shower gifts, along with a […]

Spice Up That Jewelry Box, Part 1: La Soula

Long before I owned the store, Kiskadee always had a reputation for fun and different jewelry. I came here many times looking for a unique piece for myself or for a gift. Keeping […]

Easter, Weddings, Vacays & Races: Here’s Your Spring Event Style Guide

‘Tis the season for dressing up. I’m not messing around, ladies. Open up your closet doors and start planning your outfits now. Whether it’s a wedding, vacation, Easter, shower, bachelorette, horse race, etc, […]

Our Top Picks for the Week of April 15, 2019

A classic dress in a vibrant, floral orange and hot pink feather earrings, this week’s top picks are so bright and cheery. Add a touch of gold, whether in a glow stick for […]

Kiskadee Spring Lookbook No. 4: Spring Blouses

Springtime fashion brings feminine flutters, softer fabrics, and a peek-a-boo of sun seeking skin. We do have our favorite tees from Michael Stars and Wilt to top your white jeans, shorts, and skirts, […]

Relaunching 101: Sara’s Story

Relaunching has become a hot topic for many women who left viable careers in order to stay home with their children. All of us have the power to make the choices we feel […]

The Parisian Ease and Elegance of Elsa Esturgie

Try on Elsa Esturgie and you’ll be immediately transported somewhere else. For me, I was walking through a European market with a big floppy hat and sandals. Not bad, right? This is our […]

Custom Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

As most of you already know, Tim and I have a nearly-three year old son whom we adore. He is enrolled in a sweet little pre-pre school where he gets to play with […]

Kiskadee Spring Lookbook No. 3: Lightweight Layering

Early spring is hit or miss…warm one day, freezing the next. Keep your temp perfect by adding cotton and lightweight cashmere sweaters to your wardrobe. Plus, they will a bonus when the air […]

6 Ways To Style Jeans & a T-Shirt This Spring

Is there really anything better than jeans and a t-shirt? If I did a pie chart of what I actually wore most days that would clearly be the biggest wedge of the pie. […]

4 Ways To Reframe the “Spring” Jacket

Spring jackets in the D.C. area are useless. Locals all joke that the DMV spring season lasts maybe two weeks and then we are in the dead heat and humidity of summer. That […]

Our Top Picks for the Week of April 8, 2019

Simple elegance and a little bit of whimsy in this week’s top picks, from the most sophisticated apron we’ve ever seen, to a stackable ring and customizable necklaces, from a slip dress that […]

Introducing the Customization Bar

Meaghan Foran, of our great, local jewelry design studio, Alx&Co., and I have been talking about doing a custom line for The Shoe Hive forever. For the last few years, every time we […]

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