Street Style: Dr. Megan + Sara of Mind the Mat

There are some women who have a certain quality about them that feels ageless – and Dr. Megan and Sara VanderGoot are perfect examples of how positive energy and self-care can transform both […]

Street Style: Danielle of fibre space

Danielle of fibre space is revolutionizing what you would consider the “stereotypical knitter.” Today’s knitter is no longer your grandma knitting holiday sweaters – there’s a new generation of young crafters and knitters […]

Street Style: Megan and Katie of Mint Collective

Who opens a new store in the middle of a pandemic? Katie and Megan do! When the stars align and the universe gives you an opportunity – you have to go for it! […]

Street Style: Maura Burchette of Monday’s Child

Born and raised in Alexandria and married to a native Alexandrian, Maura loves living in Old Town with her three little boys and golden retriever. As the owner of the children’s boutique Monday’s […]

Street Style: Joanna Szczerban of Boxwood

In this week’s Street Style, we are excited to introduce you to Joanna Szczerban, Co-Owner of Boxwood (you know the other Co-Owner, Leah, from Boxwood’s Stylebook posts). A staple in Old Town, Boxwood […]

Street Style: Nicole McGrew of Threadleaf

I am so excited to introduce you to my friend, Nicole McGrew. She is the owner and creative force behind, Threadleaf, Old Town’s only slow fashion clothing boutique. As a former lawyer at […]

Street Style: Chef Nicole of Stomping Ground

In this week’s Street Style, we’re getting to know Chef Nicole of Stomping Ground. Having lived in Alexandria for seven years, she knows the way to any local’s heart with one of her […]

Street Style: Adrien of Alexandria Wellness

As a leading wellness professional for nearly two decades, Adrien is Alexandria’s go-to coach for all things health, fitness, and wellness. What makes Adrien stand out in the saturated world of fitness, is […]

Street Style: Amy of Red Barn Mercantile + Penny Post

This week we are chatting with Amy Rutherford of Red Barn Mercantile and Penny Post. Amy leaped into action in March and swiftly took Penny Post online to make sure we could still […]

Street Style: Celeste of Kiskadee

Welcome to the new Street Style! Over the next few weeks we are turning the tables and giving you behind the scenes access to the awesome contributors and small business owners that are […]

Street Style: Elena Aida

Several years ago, I was standing on the school playground chatting with some of the other moms after school as our kids played (oh, how I yearn for those days!), and I noticed […]

Street Style: Mickey Sauls

I first met Mickey at Barre3 through our dear friend, Whitney. I remember thinking to myself, “I want to be like this woman when I grow up.” Flash forward five years, and even […]

Street Style: Joanna Abizaid

Laura and Alyssa here popping in to share about our friend Joanna of Cline Rose Designs. Joanna established Cline Rose Designs in 2007 and has been serving clients all across the U.S. ever […]

Street Style: Meredith Gamble

See this beautiful woman? See one of my strongest clients? I don’t mean just physically strong…. I mean body and mind strong. You know me by now and how much I am obsessed with […]

Street Style: Kelly Ferenc

Sometimes I don’t practice what I preach. I have always said the more stores we have in Old Town, the better. When fellow merchants are frustrated with someone opening who is a potential […]

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