Street Style: Ann Loughlin

Alexandria Bar Association Executive Director Ann Loughlin has incredible style. This is not only due to the fact that she is a dedicated local shopper, although that is obviously a part of it. […]

Street Style: Jessica Allen

When I think of Jessica “Jess” Allen, I think three things: “adventurous,” “strong,” and “loads-of-positive-energy.” Jess is worldly, courageous, and loves and adventure. The more exciting the adventure, the better for this super-stylish, […]

Street Style: Elizabeth Fitzsimmons

I started working with Elizabeth back in 2015. It was right before the holiday season. I remember walking into her bedroom to start her closet audit and seeing a giant, ornate frame on […]

Street Style: Amy Conway Hatcher

The amazing, brilliant, hysterically funny, and caring Amy Hatcher raises the intelligence and levity in any room. Amy was referred to Fitness on the Run (FOR) by our mutual friend (also lovely and […]

Street Style: Marisa González

I met Marisa four years ago at a DC Style Factory spring style event. She had long ombrè hair with bangs, which is so hard for me to even picture now with her signature, […]

Street Style: Meaghan Foran

It is hard for me to talk about Meaghan without first talking about her sweet husband, Tim. I met Tim when he became co-owner of Lawrence Miller many years ago when The Shoe […]

Street Style: Verveine Palladin

If you’ve never met Verveine, you already know she is special, just from the sound of her name. If you’ve met her, you know the playful sparkle behind her brown eyes, her graceful […]

Street Style: Megan Hosford

Megan Hosford is one of those people who brings a light into any room she enters. I met her years ago while working at Mint Condition, and our love for conversation had us […]

Street Style: Eva Alexander

Eva Alexander has been a member of Fitness on the Run since 2015. During this time, she has inspired others to get fit and stay fit, including her 75-year-old mother, Victoria. This mother-daughter duo enjoys working […]

Street Style: Chris Kidd

We have always had a few men at The Shoe Hive and The Hive working behind the scenes. My dad and business partner, for one, makes sure all the bills are paid, along […]

Street Style: Lacey Eigell & Shannon Donlevie

This is a post I have been thinking about writing for days – but when I do I start to well up with tears. I’m sad because the beautiful ladies featured in this […]

Street Style: Karen Kelly

At Ivy Lane, we pride ourselves on the design team approach that we bring to every project. It gives clients a chance to see design solutions that are developed through a truly collaborative […]
Street Style Karen Bell

Street Style: Karen Bell

As you most certainly know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. But because such tremendous strides have been made in awareness, treatment, and, happily, outcomes, we can be easily to be lulled into […]
Street Style Sarah Martinez

Street Style: Sarah Martinez

The client service team at your favorite clothing boutique is growing! The newest member of our crew, Sarah Martinez, is bright and a force of nature! Born and raised in the sugar-sand panhandle […]
Street Style Sara VanderGoot

Street Style: Sara VanderGoot

Mind the Mat would not exist if it were not for Sara. It’s true. The whole thing was her idea. She already had an established and successful business on The Avenue in Del […]

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