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I love your mask! Where’d you get it? It’s strange how our fashion worlds have changed lately…do you remember when someone would comment on your shoes or outfit? Now I’m being asked (and I ask as well) about masks. They are our new required accessory. It’s mandated but let’s have some fun with it also.

At TSALT we are excited to be open again and are happy to offer some fabulous mask options. It looks like we’ll all being wearing cloth masks for a while now, so all the more reason to find one that you like. We have many that have been custom made for us from our fabrics at $30 and we are excited to announce that new masks just arrived from former Chanel designer extraordinaire, Catherine Osti of Lyons, France.

A graduate of Lyon’s College of Fashion Design (SupdeMod), Catherine Osti began her career in Chanel’s famous tailoring workshops in Paris, where she worked for six years on Haute Couture collections. Catherine then set up her own company and worked with an array of designers (Alexis Mabille, Sébastien Blondin, and more) while still collaborating with Chanel for Haute Couture shows.

Having accumulated a wealth of experience, she launched her own brand based on a simple concept: to create a fashion accessory that goes with all outfits and enhances any silhouette. This is what she achieved when she created an exclusive collection of jewelry cuffs, a concept in which shirt cuffs are given a high-class designer twist and embellished with jewels, lace, braids, and more.

Many of you are fans of Catherine’s amazing cuffs and collars but now she continues her tradition and has offered a limited-edition group of masks that we now have in the store at $40. We have four of each style shown. All of our masks have inserts for additional protection using removable mesh squares. Keep stylish and fashionable while protecting yourself and being safe!





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