How To Host Thanksgiving: Centerpieces & Servingware

In today’s world we don’t take the time have a sit-down dinner party very often, so we forget how nice it is to dine with special friends and have meaningful conversations. Thanksgiving is the perfect opportunity to rectify this…plus we really need to pull out that nice china a few times a year! Here I have gathered some tips to be a relaxed hostess, a few inspirational pictures, and last but not least, some beautiful serving pieces and centerpieces from Coco Blanca to make your evening even more special.

One of my fondest memories growing up was helping my mother set our dining room table. The table was properly set, complete with flowers and candles, the night before the dinner party. But her night-before prep didn’t stop there: her outfit was picked out the night before; she always had her music planned out and ready to play; and she cooked as much as possible the night before.

She believed that having relaxed guests required a relaxed hostess, so while she always had help in the kitchen during the actual party, I have learned if I don’t want to splurge on caterers to help in the kitchen to make sure that my entire menu is simple enough to be made ahead. There is nothing worse than having the hostess missing most of the meal, trying to finish cooking the next course!


More pointers to remember…


Flowers should not be overly fragrant. You don’t want to overpower the food.
Definitely do not use fragrant candles on the table. Again, the food should always be the main event.
Centerpieces should be low enough that diners can see each other across the table. 
Candles should not be lit until it is dusk or later.
Only wine can be placed on the table in its original bottle. Water, juice, and other drinks should be decanted in pitchers or carafes.


For some inspirational ideas…



For your table…


Clockwise, from top, all available at Coco Blanca:

These gorgeous ceramic bowls are perfect for serving or as centerpieces with flowers or ferns. Large $112.50, Medium $75, Small $50

All these bowls make beautiful serving pieces. Large, Medium $80, Small $45

This cluster of serving dishes is unique and elegant. Perfect for crudites. $225

This beautiful marble cheese board will dress up your buffet. $60

Nothing is more beautiful for a centerpiece than a profusion of candles. $187.50


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