Champagne & Pajamas: What’s Not to Love?

It’s no secret that I love wine with bubbles in it — cue the song ‘Tiny Bubbles’ by Don Ho — and that sums it up. But what do you get when you combine champagne and pajamas? A match made in heaven.

A comfortable set of pajamas makes downtime even more enjoyable, and when the pajamas look as good as they feel, that’s the best of all. Yes, your favorite t-shirt and athleisure are very comfortable, but there comes a time when you need – you deserve – real pajamas that look just as good as they feel. When I discovered champagne print pajamas, I was sold. However, we all know that quality fabric is more important than appearance alone, so upon testing them myself the blend of fabric, which includes spandex, offers a level of comfort that meets our standards.

Other styles include Chatham Blue Stripe pajama pants and will be adding spring and summer styles this month.

Join us for a glass of champagne on February 13th when we’ll be celebrating a Meet-the-Artist Mardi Gras Party featuring Torpedo Factory artist Greg Knott who shot a photograph of my favorite champagne and coupe glass (yes, they still exist). Come by and join us…pajamas optional, beads mandatory.

See you soon!


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