Cheers to Love!

So Valentine’s Day is upon us. To some it’s the dread of jewelry ads and romantic pressure and to others it’s a chance to renew romanticism after the hectic holiday season and January blues. I get it, I’ve been in both places. I’m in the romantic place right now.



Recently a good friend took me to a birthday lunch at Cafe 44 here in Old Town at 44 Canal Centre Plaza. Yes, our lunch was amazing but we were intrigued by what they call Chambongs. Apparently they have embraced the trend that is sweeping the nation and have Chambong night every Thursday evening. This is a drink that one drinks out of the stem of the glass. They recommend a napkin to assist! 




The bright ambiance is only enhanced by the soaring views of the Potomac River and their exceptional staff. I think this could be a fine opportunity to grab a date or some friends (and perhaps be ambitious) and start Valentine’s Day early with a Chambong or try out their Valentine’s menu! Just remember that they are also known for their breakfast, lunch, and charcuterie menu – but be sure to check their hours.



Photos from Cafe 44


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