Choosing the Right Boots for Your Jeans

Dark, slim jeans aka “skinny jeans” have long been an essential for all of our clients. These days the skinny jean however no longer has a monopoly on denim styles and there are more options to choose from now than there were a few years ago. The arrival of the wide leg, straight leg, and return of even the bootcut has left many of our DC Style Factory clients wondering what boots pair best with these styles. So, today we’re going to share with you, ASB readers, what we tell our clients!


Skinny Jean


 Jeans from TSALT

Skinny jeans are no longer the trend they were a decade ago. They are a wardrobe staple. They’re also easy to style with boots, but there are a couple tricks to remember when you throw them on with either ankle boots or tall boots. 



With ankle boots be sure to leave a sliver of your ankle showing for the most flattering legline. You will likely hem your skinny jeans to go with flats and heels, which makes them a bit long in length for an ankle boot that come up higher on your leg. We don’t want a bunch of bunching into the boot. No need to hem your jeans to your boots, though! You can simply “fix” them whenever you are wearing ankle boots. If your jeans are too long you can do a small cuff up (just one hem length) or fold under to crop (losing the hem) so they rest above the top of the boot.



Tall boots with skinny jeans continues to be a classic look. It’s the one denim style that goes with a tall boot. If there is too much bunching around the knee, you may need to visit your tailor to adjust the length of your jeans. 





Jeans from TSALT

Bootcut jeans have made a comeback and they’re a style that many of our clients are eager to try again. This time around, they are high-waist instead of lowrise. Pair them with any ankle boot with a heel or a sock bootie with a heel. Opt for a pointy toe or a shoe with a longer toe box to proportionally balance the extra volume at the hem of the bootcut silhouette. 





Straight Leg


 Jeans from The Hive

For a straight leg you want to stick with a sock bootie or an ankle bootie that hugs the ankle a bit more. The key is not too much gaping/space around your ankle and the boot so that your jeans can flow right over the top of the boot.  Don’t try to stuff your straight leg jeans into your ankle booties just let them go over the boots as shown below. Your straight leg jeans should be just slightly cropped to showcase your boots!





Kick Flare


Jeans from Madewell 

The kick flare is a cropped flare silhouette and the midway point between straight and wide leg jeans. Just like many of its denim friends they should be worn with sock boots or ankle boots that hug that ankle more. 





Wide Leg Crop


Jeans from Old Navy

The most important thing with this denim silhouette is that the jeans hit you at the most flattering point which is about 2-2.5 inches above your ankle bone.The wide leg crop is a fun silhouette that feels a little retro (hello culottes!). These jeans should be worn with a sock bootie, same as the kick flare.


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