Classic Gifts, Modernized

It’s time to celebrate our dads!!! Father’s Day is this weekend and if you haven’t picked up a little something to celebrate these stellar and lovable guys, TSALT has some great ideas that all revolve around the senses!!


The Common Sense Dad

He’s the minimalist who likes to keep it tight! Get him a Secrid wallet and he’ll not only love the fact that his wallet is tricked out with super cool action rise credit cards, but he might love the attention he gets when people ask him where he got that slick wallet! All kidding aside, Secrid wallets make the best gifts. I gave my niece who lives in New York City one for Christmas and she gets asked about it all the time. Then my sister-in-law got on the bandwagon and got a double in cherry red! Another client commented on our Instagram how her husband gently mocked the wallet (maybe he thought it was too gimmicky?) until it became part of his 007 style. Evidently he’s enjoying the attention he receives when people comment on his! This is a win-win…and you can bonus gift this one by adding something fun in the wallet. Starbucks gift card, money, or a cute coupon from the kids!

Looking for extra added cool factor since he’s extraordinarily cool? You can also get him the money band to enhance the wallet. It holds extra cards, bills, and business cards. This is the modern man’s wallet and money band!


The Cozy Dad

There are gifts that might be exciting from the get-go and then there are gifts that will be well appreciated every time he wears them. If Dad is all about how things feel and if Dad loves to be cozy, we’ve got just the gift for him! Get him Saxx underwear! This might sound kind of lackluster but before you cast judgement, it’s been documented that they are life-changing! Yep, this is another gift that we keep tabs on. One of our women picked up a couple pairs of Saxx for her husband, again, for Christmas. I kid you not, within the week her husband came in and purchased five more pair! Loves them!

They come in some great prints, too, which can be a little more fun to open. Does he love the outdoors? Get him the Quest 2.0 boxer; National Geographic named it the ultimate travel underwear! Its ultralight, quick-drying, pin-dot mesh fabric offers easy wash-and-go wearability!


Always-Passes-the-Smell-Test Dad

We know that cologne is one of those things that is very personal. Some men love it, and others, they take a pass. Fulton & Roark has created a solid, wax-based cologne that doesn’t scream cologne. It just makes guys smell…like him, but better! They are also easy to travel with. No worries about liquid in your carry-on or spillage. These colognes are housed in a tough, square, brushed metal case with a hinged, slide-to-open top. It takes up no space and you apply easily with your finger.

TSALT carries these in three scents: Shackleford (warm, amber, wood);  Clearwater (Madagascan Geranium and Oak Moss complemented with notes of fresh water); and, Sterling (Tobacco, Leather and Vanilla). I’ve never been one for cologne on men myself, but Fulton & Roark has converted me! Just come in and do the sniff test yourself!


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