Classic Style for All Ages

Exams are a hard week at any school, but in the spring, when we can study outside and we don’t have classes, it’s really not so bad. The “Holy Hill,” as it is called by the Episcopal community, is gorgeous in the spring, and there’s no better place to study than the picturesque front lawn, where my friends and I usually set down blankets to get in some sun while studying.


Thankfully, as seniors, the pressure for exams is a little bit lighter, as we have all gotten into college for next year. Lily will be attending Denison University in Ohio, and studying communications. Lane is going to Southern Methodist University in Dallas to study fashion merchandising and English. And I’ll be attending University of Virginia to major in media studies. We’ll be far away from each other, so it’s nice to get to spend some time together before we graduate, and having a picnic on the lawn is the best way to have some fun while studying.

We all love to shop at Coco Blanca, especially for spring; their airy, no-fuss neutrals are perfect for the season.


Lily is wearing white shorts with a gray t-shirt with a sparkly embellishment. While she likes to dress in neutrals, the glitter reflects her fun personality and fits her age.


Lane’s style is classic, so she opted for the white blouse with a tie on the side, paired with some basic skinny jeans.

good blue maxi

My taste is always neutral and basic, but I love to throw in a pop of color when I get the chance, so this blue maxi dress perfectly suited me. It’s airy, comfy, and colorful without being too overwhelming on my short frame.

These outfits are perfect for spring and for girls my age. Coco’s style is classic with a flair, and neutral with some fun. My friends have classic style, but trendy pieces from Coco make it more applicable for teenagers like us.

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