It’s Not Just the Clothes You Wear, It’s the Story They Tell

The clothes we choose to wear at any given time tell those around us something about us. If you wear t-shirts with graphics or slogan, you are literally telling those nearby about what you like or feel based on what the shirt says. If your favorite tee has a large Gucci logo or your favorite sports team, each would give someone who sees you a particular impression. But what about the history behind your favorite pieces of clothing or accessories? There is often a story there, too.

As the owner of a consignment boutique, I have been fond of many pieces that have come into the store. However, one in particular taught me the history of a brand that originated right in the heart of Old Town. It’s a beautiful, light blue linen skirt with an embroidered pattern at the bottom. The designer, Frankie Welch.

When asked if I had heard of Frankie Welch I had to admit that I had not. I learned immediately that she was a local clothing designer known for her custom-made scarves and that she owned a beloved shop on Cameron Street and dressed First Ladies and other dignitaries. I wanted to learn more so I tried to find as much information on Ms. Welch as possible. If you are interested in local fashion history, this is a Google search I highly recommend.

Betty Ford, center, Frankie Welch, the designer of the gown being donated, and S. Dillon Ripley, Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution, with the gown Betty Ford is donating in the First Ladies Hall. 

This is one of many interesting stories I’ve learned from customers over the past few months, and I have enjoyed passing them and others along. I realized that not only do we tell a story with what we choose to wear, our garments often have their own stories to tell.

That is my favorite aspects of consignment — you never know what gem of an item you may find and the story it brings with it, a story that you get to continue.


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  1. Avatar Jaime Stephens says:

    I bought a green silk day dress from Frankie Welch in 1980 for $350. That was a lot of money in those days!
    I wish I had it but donated it years ago. She was very well-known at the time.

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