Coleman’s Canned Food Drive

We’re only getting started in this pandemic disruption, but it has meant so much to see the outpouring of support from our community for The Shoe Hive and The Hive. Folks are emailing saying “what can I do?” especially asking how to buy a gift card to use later. I don’t need that yet – but don’t worry, when I am there, I will let you know.

I thank my lucky stars I had two amazing trunk shows right before it all hit the fan – Veronica Beard and AGL – and both were big hits. It really makes me happy that it was two awesome women-owned brands that are helping me pay my bills this month. Yes, I am anxious about what will happen – we all are. The bills stack up quickly, but for now I am still breathing and making payroll. So, I am really really fortunate. I have four full-time employees I will pay even if we close. I am trying to give hourly folks who want or need hours as many hours as possible doing Instagram stories and delivering items for people who are buying from home. I am in a different spot because most of my amazing hourly workers also have income somewhere else or don’t rely on their Hive paycheck to pay their bills.

Many stores and restaurants are letting people go and so many simply can’t pay their staff. People want hours but really there aren’t any to give if places are closed, reduced, or just slow. This isn’t just small companies either. Larger companies are already making cuts. It’s already tough for most and it will soon be tough for all of us.

Okay, so enough about that – there are worse problems to have than we have, and the folks who have them are not too far from here, and we want to help them out.

I would love to take credit for this idea, but really my 10-year-old son gets the credit. He is a kind soul and is always sensitive to people he sees who are in need. We attend church in Annendale and for the last two years he has been helping with the homeless hypothermia shelter and that work has inspired him to seek ways to do more.

Our minister is a close friend and he asked my son to help with some hunger projects during the pandemic because many of the normal volunteers are over the age of 60, so they really can’t help right now – it just isn’t safe. All the while, the demand for these food programs is surging and Fairfax County government is actually calling on churches to help with services the county cannot provide. This week, Coleman helped bag and distribute groceries-to-go for those with food insecurity, and already the pantry is running low.

We want to help, so starting Monday in the courtyard of The Shoe Hive we will be collecting canned goods. If you donate (6 items) you will be entered to win a $500 gift card to my stores. We will also do daily mini-raffles as well for those participating.

The grocery list is below and please pay attention to size of items. I know is seems silly but for distribution and organizing we need to be able to stack and distribute in some type of orderly manner. You may buy something that’s off by an ounce or two, but this will give you an idea of the size of can that’s needed. The items are what make up a “meal kit” – paired with day-old bread and spare produce donated by restaurants.

I will have boxes in the courtyard, no need to hand to anyone just drop and go, but please make sure you write your name and contact information on the donation. We could also use plastic grocery bags, so please drop those as well if you have extras. I can also pick up just email me at or message me on Instagram.

We are calling this “Coleman’s Canned Food Drive.” Thank you for your support, and don’t worry I will be begging for gift card purchases soon.



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