Color in Your Closet

As much as I love neutrals, it is so refreshing to see color throughout Kiskadee!  Yes, it has made a comeback in a big way and we have embraced this fashion inspiration.  Color conveys confidence and energizes your wardrobe.  You don’t need to give up your beloved neutrals, simply add a few vibrant separates or garments to your closet and feel the love of head-to-toe color!


Bold is Better

We have seen the re-emergence of florals in clothing…but who says it needs to be sweet? This daring romper by Julie Brown is vibrant and beautiful to boot!  The fabric drapes perfectly at the neckline, the belt defines the waist, and bonus alert…it has pockets!


Head to Toe Is Inspiring


Let’s face it…you see a gorgeous kaleidoscope of color and you can’t help but smile!  David Cline is a master at mixing colors and patterns in his clothing.  This dress glides on smoothly, fits perfectly, and boasts the cold-shoulder look.  It is so incredible and exactly on-trend!


Just Do It


Ok…you need to start out small.  Pops of color in an outfit are a terrific way to embrace this trend.  The boldly colored embroidery and pattern on this dress by THML will start you out on the right track.  A light heather-blue and white background is a blank canvas for the hot pink, yellow, and orange at the neckline, sleeves, and hemline.  If you need a neutral, try these pretty sandals by Jack Rogers!


Try a Solid

A solid color can be your go-to basic.  They are easier to mix than prints and simple to accessorize.  Find a pattern you like then mix-and-match as you please!  This coral color will go equally well with denim, black, and white.  However, don’t stop there!  Try turquoise, yellow, spring green…the possibilities are endless!


Color rules!  And when in doubt…go for it!


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