Color Trend: Blush and Gold

While style trends are easy to identify at market — every designer, for example, has recently made his or her version of a slide — I often miss the cues on color trends. That is until I see the new arrivals displayed with care on our shelves and racks. Then, the dominant colors of the season are hard to miss. We’ve preached the preeminence of pastel pink (or blush) a few times already this spring, but I feel it bears repeating especially when paired with gold, rose gold, or other tempered metallic of your choice.

When shades such as mustard or an earthy green rise to the top of color popularity as they do from time to time, it can be tough to make them work. Not everyone is comfortable wearing such strong colors, not everyone finds they are compatible with what they already own, and, to be frank, not everyone looks good in them. This is not the case for blush and gold — they are soft and subtle this season, easy to mix in with a variety of other hues, and are universally flattering.

Whether you stick to accessories or invest in outerwear, this season’s colors are trendy today but always in style. How will you wear blush and gold this spring?

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