Cover-ups? We’ve Got You Covered

One of the essential pieces in your summer wardrobe is the bathing suit cover-up. Whether you are going on a cruise, a family beach vacation, chaperoning your child’s senior beach week, or embarking on a romantic get-away…the perfect cover-up up is key. Don’t have one? Last year’s missing?  Not to worry! Coco Blanca has you COVERED.

When we were shopping for cover-ups this season, we took into account all of the qualifiers our customers have when shopping for a cover-up: not too short, not too long, not too sheer, very sheer, sleeveless, sleeves, neutrals, and lots of color…a multitude of options, we have them all here at Coco Blanca.  Stop by and we will find the perfect one for you!


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With 22 years in business management—creating success and growth comes naturally.

Using the soothing color palette of a coconut by the sea—whites, neutrals and splashes of turquoise—Coco Blanca has created a trademark look. Her lifestyle boutique offers expert solutions for home design and women’s fashion—blending a clean, fresh, sophisticated, feel-good style.

210 South Union Street
Alexandria, VA 22314


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