In these challenging and frustrating times filled with technology and impersonal activities, we crave a break from the routine and a time of family, creativity, and fun. This brings me back to memories when we did not have television or cell phones, but we did have a record player and one another

Did you ever listen to Peter and the Wolf? My brother and I did. Sometimes with mom, sometimes with friends and neighbors, and sometimes with everyone.

Who didn’t love listening to the music, being inspired, and imagining all the animals as the music so clearly unfolded in our imaginations? How they looked, how they moved, and how we would pretend to be each animal in turn. And we would make costumes as Prokofiev’s masterpiece unfolded while our mom would make us hot cider. We would spend countless hours in this other world. Thinking back, I think that making those first crude costumes as a child led to my love for fashion and style and all that it conveys.

In Peter, just as different instruments convey different animals, each person can express their own voice in their own way be it in fashion, music, math, or sports. The biggest lesson I learned from Peter was to emphasize the importance of protecting those who cannot protect themselves and helping wherever you can. Bravery in the face of the wolf and later in confronting the hunters to protect the wolf is an example we can all learn from.

While this article is not about fashion, it is important to have fun with your kids, make costumes, create, and explore who you are together and help others. If you are unfamiliar with Peter and the Wolf, click on the links below. The second is wonderful for children and explains it all.

Sergei Prokofiev – Peter and the Wolf (music only)


Narrated by Sterling Holloway (my favorite as a kid)


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  1. madelyn smith madelyn smith says:

    I had that album narrated by Sterling Holloway, and had totally forgotten about it!

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