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This past week I had the pleasure of working with a client who is revamping her work-from-home style. She has quite an unusual profession as a sex and intimacy coach. Hmmm, what would I want to wear every day as a sex and intimacy coach, I thought? I instantly went soft and luxurious with cashmere and knits. She loved what I selected but surprised me when she showed me this show-stopping piece by Ronny Kobo called the Nieve Bodysuit.



“I love how nostalgic it is, but it’s kind of stupid expensive.” Right then, my costume design brain turned on and I said, “I could make this for you.” To which I received a text back, “Omg Yasss!” I went on, “I’ll procure a vintage option and then upcycle it with rhinestones.” I happened to have these rhinestones already as I’m what my husband calls a “craft hoarder.” Instantly, I turned to Poshmark to find the perfect leotard that wasn’t sheer or a turtleneck, had velvet, etc. Finally, I found two gorgeous options and ordered both deciding if I like doing this, maybe I’ll continue to make them for my upcycled vintage boutique Curated Classix. The result was the design evolved, as I didn’t want it to be a direct copy, and I actually love it even more. More importantly, my client loves it!



Since launching in 2017, the concept behind Curated Classix has been to bring clients one-of-a-kind vintage clothing that is curated, sourced, altered, designed, customized, and upcycled by me! Yes, that’s right, as if I don’t have enough going on, I also embellish clothes like a cuckoo bird! My years of experience as a costume designer and stylist led me down this road. Curated Classix was my first venture when I moved to Arlington in 2016. I knew it was a risky venture and certainly a small-scale concept for this area, but I couldn’t quite give up my love of custom work. So much of what celebrity stylists do is create custom pieces for their clients. Every stage costume, music video, commercial, etc., usually includes some custom wardrobe work by artisans who’ve been working on industry projects for years. In creating Curated Classix, I wanted to marry the idea of bringing the unique, customized, one-of-a-kind pieces, often seen on celebrities, with a Los Angeles cool, street style aesthetic of vintage upcycling at an accessible price point to the everyday customer. Check out our many custom pieces and inquire here if you’d like one of the new bodysuits, want a custom piece of some kind, etc. Here’s a sneak peek below!


A previous design, the “You Wish” Bodysuit



London Blazer



Girl Gang Coat



Glamo Reloaded Jacket


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Founder, Creative Director, & Stylist | Lindsey Evans Studio
With 10 years in the entertainment and celebrity styling industry under her belt, stylist Lindsey Evans decided to bring her Wardrobe Concierge Experience to the modern clients’ home. Lindsey began her styling career in 2010 as a Los Angeles native. Since pursuing a career in the fashion industry, she has been featured in publications such as InStyle, Elle, Interview, InTouch Weekly, among others. She studied under the tutelage of famed costume designer and celebrity stylist B. Akerlund and has assisted with styling several stars, including Katy Perry, Madonna, and Taylor Swift. Along the way, she picked up celebrity clients of her own and scored them on the best-dressed lists of Glamour and Teen Vogue.

Lindsey Evans Studio was established in the DMV area in 2017. What Lindsey Evans Studio is most known for is her ability to provide a luxury service for modern men and women of every body type, size, and budget. The client, as an individual, is at the epicenter of her personal styling philosophy. Whether you are a working professional, a D.C. socialite, an individual experiencing a transformative time of life, someone seeking a serious style upgrade, or just an organized closet facelift, Lindsey ensures that you fulfill your every aspiration through the careful curation of a wardrobe that is exquisitely tailored to your needs, lifestyle, and goals. The studio maintains Lindsey's Style for Self-Care Philosophy, which teaches clients how to use their personal style as a tool for leveling up all their goals. What to change your life? Change your outfit! Clearly this philosophy has been a hit as Lindsey Evans Studio was recognized in 2019 and 2020 as the Best Styling Service/Personal Shopper of Northern Virginia.

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