decorating 101 by coco blanca: part two

A few weeks ago, I gave you the first five of ten decorating tips after I returned back from setting up my youngest daughter in her first apartment at college. If you missed the first five, you can read them here. Now for the next five tips for any room on any budget:

6. Think of pillows as the jewelry of the room.

Pillows are the 10%. The sparkle, the wow, the finishing touch. These green and white patterned pillows add just the punch this room needed.

60 30 10 10

7. Textural differences can also add greatly to the richness of a décor.

The room below is a great example of rich textures…… the fabrics, rug, art–all in different hues of the grays and beiges.

60 30 10 11

​8. Keep it simple, clean and elegant.

This bathroom below is to die for. I love the sleek lines with white being the dominant, gray on the wall, and the pop of yellow. Absolutely love this!

60 30 10 7

9. Arrange furniture to use the light in the room to the maximum.

I love the way this chair sits beside the window creating a perfect afternoon reading spot.

60 30 10 9

10. Mix furnishings of various sizes.

Every object has a height, depth and width. To add visual interest to any space, incorporate a variety of furniture with different characteristics. I love this room below with different sizes of furniture, but kept cohesive with the neutral theme.

60 30 10 12

​Come into Coco Blanca and let us help you with your decorating scheme!

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