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The holiday season is upon us, and I know my family looks forward to this time of year. Beside the chance to spend time catching up and enjoy the wonderful epicurean delights of the season, our house is transformed for the holidays. For some, decorating the house for the holidays is a family affair, for others it falls to one. Whether you have a team or an individual in charge of the home holiday décor, Patina would like to offer a few tried-and-true suggestions to get ready for the season.

The front façade of your home is the first impression you make on your guests. You may decide to festoon your front door with a simple wreath, or go all out and put wreaths or bows in each window! Think of the impression you wish to create, and carry that color theme inside. If you plan on decorating a tree for the holidays, consider the interior placement. Will passersby enjoy its twinkling lights from the street?

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The holidays make an excellent excuse to go all out and create some drama. Garland over art and mirrors, well-placed candles, swags of greens on top of armoires, ribbons and bows on the mantle, stairs and even lamps! Battery-operated lights are now available at Patina, and offer a range of creative possibilities for use inside and out. For example, a string of lights combined with ornaments might flow down the center of a table, or shine inside a cloche combined with a winter wonderland theme. Outside one might have a twinkling wreath or a lit arrangement in an urn to greet guests at the front door.


Once your color scheme has been chosen, group those objects together in odd numbers. Unless you are going for a symmetrical look on a mantel, groupings of three look better than two or four. Think in triangles. Many artists employ the use of triangular compositions to guide the eye and create a more dynamic work of art.

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In the case of styling, group three objects, small, medium and large, together for a more interesting tableau. Show your personality with holiday accessories that make your home unique to you.

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In my own home, I have re-strung crystals from an old chandelier and placed them on a living room mantle and have also looped them up the stairs. Vintage ornaments, collected over the years, are displayed in a crystal bowl on the dining room table. Every room, upstairs and down, has a little touch of the holidays. Even the kitchen birdcage is decorated for the season!


Fresh flowers and greens make an impact in the front foyer and powder room. But also place them in the rooms you frequent the most, like a kitchen or a family room. Always give fresh flowers purchased for an arrangement a fresh cut, remove extra leaves and thorns, and put them in WARM water. Don’t be afraid to mix in some faux. Patina seeks out very good quality silks, and when mixed with fresh, plus the addition of a wonderful holiday home fragrance, your family and guests will marvel at the abundance of well-preserved flora in your home!

If you are putting up a tree, make sure it will last through out the holiday season. If you are buying fresh, don’t wait to choose your tree. Cut trees have been chopped down in August. You will have a better selection if you purchase early. Have a fresh cut made to the base of the tree. Once home, place the tree in a bucket containing a mixture of hot water and corn syrup, and keep it outside until you are ready to bring it in and decorate.

If you are using a faux tree, consider using a holiday home fragrance to create the illusion of a fresh fir tree. Patina offers a selection of diffusers as well as a wonderful long lasting balsam fir holiday candle that really does create the impression of a live tree!

Once your tree is secured in a stand, place your lights. Start by wrapping from the top down, placing the strands forward and back on each bough to create a sense of depth. After the tree is lit, add your garland. Think about the ornaments you would like to put on your tree. If the decorations are larger in scale, choose a tree with a more open shape, as your decorations will fill the empty space. Again, think about your color scheme, making sure that the colors you choose compliment the room.

Use floral wire to attach garland or branches to the tree. Leave some space at the top for a tree topper. Run the garland at an angle around the tree. If you are using picks, tuck them between the branches. Mix colors, textures and even incorporate a bow to hold your creation together. The picks closest to the top of the tree might need to be flipped over so you are not seeing the wrong side of the design. Next add ornaments of different size, shape and color, placing the largest ornaments first inside the tree for added dimension. Remember to put decorations with the most importance on the front of the tree. Patina has spent the last year collecting interesting and unique ornaments to work in a range of holiday settings. From delicate glass blown ornaments from Austria, to a carved wooden moose to grace a shelf, or vintage antlers from Germany, you will find the perfect decoration for your home at Patina.

Patina also has a range of wonderful gifts, from feather bow ties, cashmere scarves, jewelry, original art, customized cutting boards, unique tissue holders, and one-of-a-kind vintage items for the most particular on your list. We also offer “wish lists” to guarantee that you will receive the gift that your heart desires!

Now the fun really begins! Sit back, with family and friends and enjoy the wonderland you have created.

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