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Intaglio, cameo, Venetian glass and engravings…all are interesting ancient techniques used in jewelry making and design, but do you know the difference between the styles? The difference between intaglio and cameo is actually very simple (although many people incorrectly use the terms interchangeably). The difference between the two types of carvings all boils down to technique. Think “in” or “out” and you are more than halfway there…


An intaglio is a type of carving where the design is cut into the flat background of a stone. It is a technique which dates back to antiquity and is still in use at present. Images are carved or engraved in gemstones, precious metals, semiprecious stones or glass, leaving a hollow impression in the untouched background.

Originally, intaglio designs were carved into shells, marble, quartz, and other hard stones. Intaglio have been worn by kings, queens, princesses, heiresses, sophisticates and stylists for thousands of years. And new intaglio are still being designed by fine jewelers today.

Ancient Greek culture seemed to be heavily influenced by the use of engravings. What first began as a means of sealing contracts, decrees, and letters quickly turned into a coveted collectible item that the Greeks treasured dearly. Some even believe that these collectibles were turned into pendants, thus starting the trend of intaglio jewelry.





Cameo carving is one of the world’s oldest art forms which historians can trace back to the 3rd century BC in Greece with carved stone pieces. The cameos tend to depict scenes or personalities from Greek mythology. The universal appeal of tales of love, loss, deception and magic endured. Mystique’s Estate antique and vintage collection is ever changing with unusual pieces like the below bracelet. This amazing cameo bracelet holds 6 different cameos in 14kt yellow gold.




Murano Glass

Venetian Glass Earrings


One of our favorite colors for the fall is orange, so we are very excited about these Murano glass earrings set with orange brilliant sapphires and South Sea pearls.

Venetian Glass South Sea Pearl Earrings



Gold Engravings and Coins

Carved Rock Crystal Diamond Enhancer


I am in love with all the new designs on the website but a few of my personal favorites include our small celebration gold intaglio and this amazing equestrian scene pendant surrounded by square cabochon moonstones and diamonds with blue topaz accents.

Both of these enhancers showcase the ancient times with accents of natural semiprecious gemstones. When worn with a Mystique Collection gold chain or semiprecious necklace, you can create a personalized jewelry look reminiscent of an ancient Greek goddess!

Share with me how you wear your Italian, Greek, and Roman jewelry by tagging all of your social media images with #mystiquejewelers. Here’s to embracing the inner goddess in us all!



The Mazza Company Trunk Show

Come find beautiful pieces at The Mazza Company Trunk Show!



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