How the Dentist Can Improve Your Life, Part 1: Upgrade Your Smile

They say the eyes are the window to the soul, but let’s face it, most of us gravitate to a person’s teeth in the first few seconds of meeting them.  Introductions are made, eyes are met, and a look a person’s smile follows. It’s that smile that really makes the first impression.

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So, are you happy with yours?

This is a question that Dr. Lawrence Singer has asked patients every day for more than 20 years, the last 10 or so right here in Old Town. Dr. Singer is one of the metro area’s leading cosmetic dentistry practitioners (the official dentist of the Washington Redskins cheerleaders, in fact!), but his practice, DC Smiles, is unique because his focus reaches far beyond appearances.

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Instead, Dr. Singer believes that thoroughly understanding the entirety of a patient’s health — including how the body relates to the mouth and the importance of oral health — is critical to achieving and maintaining overall well-being.

Today we’ll ask Dr. Singer how improving your smile is not just about looks and can actually change your life; next time, we’ll explore how your mouth, yes, your mouth, can be negatively impacting your life by robbing you of much-needed, quality sleep.


Q. How do you upgrade a smile? 
A. Many patients come to my practice wanting to improve their looks by enhancing the heart of their face — their smile.  We see patients who have a variety of issues they want to address, from discolored, misshapen or worn down teeth, to chipped, cracked or fractured teeth, to spaces between teeth, or misaligned, crooked or uneven teeth. We have found that porcelain veneers are an excellent way to improve teeth. Veneers give a new life-like look to undesirable teeth with minimal tooth preparation.  It is a relatively simple process yet yields life-changing results.

Q.  What do you mean by life-changing?


A.  Treatments ranging from veneers to implants to even a simple in office whitening can change a person. An upgraded smile has a great impact on a person’s physical and mental well-being.  Not only do our patients look better, but they feel better. With an upgraded smile our patients have a brighter, whiter, healthier smile, and a new-found confidence in their appearance and attitude. My patients report being happier post-treatment in their personal and professional lives. You can see this difference in the before-and-after pictures – it’s not just their teeth that are glowing! Their faces radiate how happy they are.


Q. Is this a one-size-fits all solution, like the commercials I see on TV?
Not at all! While I encourage those who are taking steps to improve their smile, I would caution that they go with a provider who can take the time to create the right solution for them. Each patient is different, and requires a unique, customized treatment plan. We work hard to find that right treatment for each patient, and it is wonderful to see our patients’ complete treatment.  In addition to my practice, I am also an Assistant Clinical Professor of Surgery at George Washington University Hospital, so I am often referred patients by plastic surgeons because I have the ability to do a full facial analysis and work cooperatively to enhance cheekbones and jawlines with my work inside the mouth.

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Q. What if a patient is scared, either of visiting the dentist in general, or of taking the leap to upgrade their smile? It’s a pretty big change…
We place a particular emphasis on making our patients feel great before, during, and after treatment.  Our offices don’t look or feel like a regular dental office, and that’s on purpose. So while of course we have state-of-the-art equipment, it’s in a more “home-y,” boutique setting. Coupled with our exceptionally warm staff, we are able to offer a high-end, relaxed environment to ensure our patients feel comfortable during their visit.

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DC Smiles located at 809 Cameron Street. To make an appointment, call 703.299.4614, and for more information visit  Services to include: Implants, Cosmetic Dentistry, Reconstruction, TMJ/Sleep Apnea Treatment, Dentofacial Orthodontics, Sedation Dentistry, General Dentistry, and ZOOM teeth whitening. 

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